Thai Massage For Well being

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Welcome & sawadee kharp (hello in Thai ) to my  website. I’m Paul & I’m Addicted to Massage ! (this is my first ever confession of this  ! LOL)


Welcome once again. This website is focused on bringing the health benefits of massage and essential oils to you. There are different types of massage, and they all provide benefits mentally and physically to the body, mind and soul. After years of research of the therapeutic powers of Essential Oils, I feel confident in teaching you  the health benefits to be achieved from them, so I will also be guiding you on the advantages of different types of Essential Oil on your general well-being.


bridge over the river kwai

I will also cover some of the places I’ve visited in Thailand, giving you an insight into what attracts me to this wonderful part of the world.



Most of us have had good & bad experiences when it comes to massage. Over the past eight years, I have had many sessions of massage in Thailand & the UK ranging from Traditional Thai, Foot, Aroma, Neck, Shoulder and every massage has been a learning experience, either for the better or worse !

The Oriental Thai Massage & wel

Some techniques can be painful, while some can be so soothing you might fall asleep. This website will serve as an avenue where we can meet and share our experiences with different massage techniques, their effects on your body, your mind, & giving you a better well-being.




And lest I forget, my wife also has a massage business; I will also be promoting my wife’s business which you can check out here; THE ORIENTAL THAI MASSAGE & WELLBEING is a massage service operating in York, United Kingdom, and offers every aspect of massage and beauty service essential for healthier living.


Topics I will be discussing include the various types of massage equipment and how to use them. I will also be dwelling on electronic massage equipment and their benefits. Also, I will be discussing the best types of relaxing music and Essential Oil Burners and Diffusers. Lastly, I will be talking about the various forms of massage techniques that you can do at home either by yourself or as a couple.


It promises to be an exhilarating journey through the body and soul, and you are surely going to enjoy the ride.

I’m affiliated to Amazon & as such make a small commission if you click on the links on my website. Everything I promote, I either have bought myself or have used somewhere else.


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  1. Hi Paul,
    I can relate to you. I really enjoy massages myself and truth be told, I honestly didn’t know how many different techniques and products were available for a massage. It’s been a long while since I’ve had a good massage so reading this article, I’ll have to do my research and figure out the next best massage I can get. Thanks for the Info. Cheers,
    Darren D.

    1. Thanks Darren.
      With having a wife who owners her own Massage business (The Oriental Thai Massage & wellbeing ) I’m very spoilt ! lol
      But it is still nice for both of us to go & get massaged sometimes.
      Get yourself booked in & enjoy the relaxation !!
      Stay fit & Healthy

  2. I’ve been to Thailand a couple times, but never took the opportunity to experience the Thai massage Obviously, I have missed the great opportunity. I generally enjoy all kind of messages, however, I haven’t learned much about differences. I am planning to go to Thailand again soon, will definitely go for a massage there. Thanks!

    1. HI Olina
      Sounds like you like Thailand ? The country becomes a drug to some of us ! lol
      I have only just returned yesterday from my annual holiday to Thailand.
      Found a really good place in Patong Beach. Phuket. called emotion day spa massage. Had a few Thai massages.
      I think you would enjoy the experience ? try when you go again, for the price you pay in Thailand for massage is sooo cheap.
      Hope you have a brilliant time.

  3. I just learned something new today! Hello in Thai, thanks! You have some really great information in this post and I appreciate learning more about the Thai massage. I will be sure to check back for future posts.

    1. Hi Kayla.
      I have just returned yesterday from my annual Thailand holiday. Having several massages from different places.
      Bringing back a few different sorts of balms.
      If you have never been to Thailand ? I would advice anyone to try it as a holiday destination
      kop khun khrap thank you in Thai for a man to say ! kop khun ka for a female

  4. Wow! Can’t wait to read more of your insights about massage and essential oils. Must be really great being married to someone who can give you massages all the time! You must be the most relaxed guy around.

    1. Hi Jamie
      It has it’s benefits ! lol one downside is I become the tester for products or new technique’s of massage. I can say not all are acceptable to my body !
      I love researching the benefits of essential oils & keep been amazed at what they can help with.
      Thanks for the comment

  5. Paul,

    I love massages too! When I get my haircut at SportClips, they give me like a mini massage and it feels wonderful. I bet the massages in Thailand would be amazing. I prefer the smooth or painful massages.


    1. Hi Pat
      When you find a good place for massage in Thailand, the massages they give are never disappointing & I always leave feeling refreshed & relaxed.
      But you should be able to have a great massage somewhere local to you ? check on tripadvisor & read the reviews first !

  6. Wow thai massage, I am here in canada and have heard a lot about thai massage. I love massage too and try to get one when time allows. But I definitely cant wait to try thai massage one day, guess that will be the day when I will travel to Thailand as I have always wanted to. Thank you for sharing.
    Best Regards

    1. Thank you for your kind words
      You should be able to get a Thai massage in Canada. A lot of Thais have taught Traditional Thai Massage to Westerners, who intern have returned home to practice. Or you may find a Thai massage spa somewhere near ? In York UK where I live, we have at least 5 places offering Thai Massage.
      But having a holiday to Thailand & experiencing the culture as well as the food & massages is a wonderful experience.
      Keep Fit & Healthy

    1. Hi Maurice
      Massage is an ancient healing technique, we really do not know the total benefits massage can give, but from my experiences & people I have spoken too, we all agree that we always feel better after massage & that feel good lasts me usually a week.
      I suffered terribly with low back pain, but since having regular massage, it’s a thing of the past.
      It’s time for you to book a massage & let me know your thoughts.
      Thank you for your comment

  7. A massage is so important to keep us healthy, yet I do not make use this as much as I should. Even my daughter will get a massage sometimes to relax her. I didn’t know that there were painful techniques. Why would anyone choose such techniques though? I thought massages were all for relaxation.

    1. Hi Carol
      Some people use massage for injuries, that can be painful until it’s fully mended. If I have what’s called a knot in my shoulder, when the therapist works on it, it can be a little painful, but always feels great after the massage. Thai massage is a stretching massage & very strenuous on the therapist, but really good for straighten out all the body ! Generally speaking you should have a aromatherapy massage,then you will be relaxed & chilled out.
      Find a good massage Therapist & try it out

  8. I’m also addicted to massage! And one of the lucky few who has it covered by health insurance, so at the moment I’m getting two or three a week. Thanks for a great site full of massage resources!

    1. Hi Penelope
      Two or three a week ? You are lucky, even having a wife who is a massage therapist. I don’t have that many !
      You will be really feeling the benefits from the massages, & having insurance pay for it, you will be totally relaxed !
      It’s really nice to meet someone who knows how addictive massage can be ! lol
      Thank you for your comment
      Keep Fit & Healthy ( I’m sure you will with that many massages )

  9. Well I have never been to Thailand but I would really like to now just to try out the different massages. Which is the best for general wellbeing? I am also interested in massages that help build the immune system.

    1. Hi Karen
      Thanks for the comment. For me with my work & lifestyle Traditional Thai massage gives me the best overall wellbeing feeling, just because of the stretching & the massage on the sen lines, often called energy lines.
      A lot of research studies are saying any sort of massage is good for the immune system. It is reported that massage increases the white blood cells, these are what the immune system need.
      From my own personal experience, I never suffer from normal winter bugs like cold, flu, sore throat or coughs. I have a 1 hour massage weekly, either Thai or aromatherapy. I do also take a multi vitamin daily & they are reported to help the immune system.
      Stay Fit & Healthy

  10. Hi Paul. I only had a back massage and your right. it nearly put me asleep it was so soothing and I felt amazing afterwards. It was in a massage parlor only a ten-minute drive from me and it was there I had my first massage. I am having another hopefully nearer to Christmas seeing that I enjoyed the first one. I recommend it anyone 🙂

    1. Hi Michael
      I’m really pleased you enjoyed a relaxing massage. it works better if you can get to have one regular, 4 to 6 weeks say.
      I really hope my website can encourage others to try massage out.
      Once you find a good therapist & have massage, you can’t wait for the next time.
      Stay Fit & Healthy

  11. Never knew about Thai massage before, thank you for this information. I love getting massaged. Feel so much better afterwards. Didn’t realize it helped with the immune system, that’s great! I’ve never been to Thailand, but hear it’s beautiful.

    1. Hi Tammy
      Thai massage has become very popular in the west. & my experience is they are as good here as in Thailand, Some from past experience are even better !
      I have regular massages & in the last 8 years have only suffered once with a cold & never had the flu ( watch me get it now I’ve said this ). I put it down to the massage.
      If you ever get the chance to visit Thailand, Keep away from the main tourist area & you will see the proper Thailand, after several trips it never get’s boring, so many wonderful places to see & a beautiful culture. The Thai’s are very friendly people if you respect there way of life.
      Stay Fit & Healthy

  12. Every time I have been given a massage it is a little painful. So I have always been skeptical on the whole thing. Maybe I should give in and see what the pros have to offer.

    1. Hi Ricky
      My advice is to always tell the therapist if you feel pain or discomfort, If they are well trained they do not mind, you are there to enjoy the experience, not be in pain. My personal experience is I can not have hard massage on my calf muscles. I tell the therapist before they even start to do gentle massage on my calf’s. They always ask if the pressure is too much or not enough.
      Anther thing to do is check out the internet, like tripadvisor, read reviews & avoid one’s with low feedback.
      Keep Fit & Healthy.

  13. Hi Paul,

    I have had Thai massages before and loved them. yesterday I had a massage in a Chinese massage parlour with a Chines lady and oh my goodness. It was amazing!

    probably the best I have had. It was so calming and relaxing. The hour went by so fast.

    I go again next week and she says she will walk on my back! can’t wait for that. Everyone should get a massage regularly for sure. Love your website.


    1. Hi Kevin
      Massage has become very popular. Studies show that it is beneficial to well being & good health. As more people go & see for themselves the benefits of massage. The more it’s becoming a natural way to keep the body healthy.
      I have been walked on several times ! That’s with Thai massage I may add ! lol. The first time was a bit nerve racking, thinking they would be really heavy on my back & thighs, but it was fine, I had no pain whilst having it done or after the massage had finished. Always tell the therapist if it’s painful or uncomfortable, they do not mind, you are there to relax & enjoy, not to be in pain !
      Keep getting them massages & having a better well being.
      Keep Fit & Healthy.

  14. That’s a great post. You have post details we may need for massage. I have been for a Thai massage before but just wondering if there is any specific oil should be used for massage and how long does it usually takes for a massage. Thanks for the sharing by the way 🙂

    1. Hi Bala
      Thai massage does not use essential oils. Aromatherapy is the oil massage. Depending on your mood and what you want from the massage to what oil is used. If you have an area that is really painful or tight a lot of therapist use balms & work them into the area, This warms the area, increases blood flow & really helps with the pain or tightness.
      I will be covering a lot more benefits of massage & different types of massage over the next few months. As well as covering the different essential oils & benefits they give.
      Stay Fit & Healthy

  15. Thailand is one of the most famous place for doing the massage. It helps your body stay strong and healthy besides having a great eating habits like having fruits, juice or even salads. And it amazes me how you gave such an in-depth article about this. Thank you so so much!!

    1. HI
      Thailand is an amazing place. The culture is so different from the UK. But that’s what I like about the country.& the food is so healthy.
      Massage spa’s in Thailand are on nearly every street. You never have to look far for a massage & the prices make it worth having at least a 2 hour massage.
      Thanks for your comment
      Stay Fit & Healthy

  16. Hi Paul, I am actually interested to get a massage chair but there are different models out there including Shiatsu. I look forward to your future posts and would be great if you have reviews of the best massage chair. That would make it easier for me to make my purchasing decision later.

    1. Hi Jude
      I Have been trying chairs out for over 2 years now. They all seem to have good & bad points ! When I find one that I think would be suitable for all, & at a price that I think is reasonable ( some are the same price as a good second-hand car ! lol ). I will write a review. But up to now. none have come anywhere near.
      If you have tried any, please let me know ? then I will find & see what I think.
      Stay Fit & Healthy

  17. Massage is one thing I think everyone could use more of. I think people underappreciate a good massage as far as the healing and health purposes go. I will have to look more into the various types of massage. What is different about Thai massage as opposed to other forms?
    Side note: A friend of mine owns a restaurant called sawadee… Best Thai Food ever… Maybe I can talk her into adding massage to her restaurant.

    1. Hi
      Thai Massage is a bit like yoga. it gets called the lazy mans yoga ! There is no oils used & a lot of stretching & manipulating movements are used.
      Sounds like the perfect day out ? Massage followed by Thai food ! luxury at it’s best.
      With life been so busy these days, massage is a great way of getting some relaxation & gives some great health benefits like better circulation, better flexibility & relaxed state of mind to name just three.
      Stay Fit & Healthy

  18. Hello Paul, thanks for the article. I have yet to experience a professional massage, and I am looking forward to it in the near future. My future plan in life is to travel the world, and I would love to pay Thailand a visit someday. Thanks again, and I wish you all of the luck in the world.

    1. Hi Ahmad.
      Your future plan sounds wonderful. You will not be disappointed when visiting Thailand. The country has so much to offer any visitor. & as for massage they have some great places & very reasonably priced.
      Thank you & hope your dreams will come true for you.
      Stay Fit & Healthy.

    1. Hi RM
      Massage is fantastic at removing knots, I have had a few removed from my left shoulder over the years.
      You can sometimes hear them crack or feel them move when the therapist works them out.
      Thanks for the positive comment.
      Stay Fit & Healthy.

  19. Great information on the topic of massage therapy. It’s so important for our well being.

    I’ve never had a Thai Massage. Hope to go to Thailand someday & for sure will go in for a massage.

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Daniel
      You will not disappointed if you go to Thailand. I have a lot of friends go & all have been back again. Some find it very spiritual & the Thai massage’s are so reasonably priced you can have one everyday !
      Thanks for the comment
      Keep Fit & Healthy

    1. Hi Savita
      I’m sorry to here you haven’t had the best of experiences. My personal opinion is Thai massage is the best if you want a bit more flexibility. But my advice would be to check out websites like tripadvisor & read the reviews,or from other people who have had good experiences from massage.
      You may have had either untrained therapist or very little experience therapist, both can leave you feeling disappointed.
      Don’t give up hope & try a Traditional Thai Massage (Lazy mans Yoga massage)!
      Stay Fit & Healthy.

  20. Hi Paul- I too love massages! I really like the deep tissue kind.. no pain no gain lol. I am actually still looking for a good masseuse where I live…. wish me luck!

    1. Hi Andrea
      Finding the right masseuse is the hardest part. When you find the right one make sure you keep booking in advance, because the good ones are always busy ! Deep tissue is really good after a hard week of work & working out, it gets right in to the muscle to relieve tension & relaxes the muscle tissue perfectly.
      Keep searching & you will eventually find the right therapist.
      Stay Fit & Healthy

  21. You sound like you are quite experienced when it comes to massages. You have had all types, so you must be very relaxed after testing them all. Out of all the ones you listed, which one have you found the most therapeutic? As a novice, I would not know where to begin. There are just so many choices.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

    1. Hi Alex
      I would say for me personally a Traditional Thai massage is the best, It has lots of stretching & pulling just like movement yoga movements. As I get older I believe this massage has kept me in good shape. But it has to be done by a qualified & experienced therapist or it’s not worth having it done, along with the chance of getting injured by them. Always check out reviews on places before booking. It’s always a good indicator on how well trained they are.
      As for therapeutic as in relaxing, aromatherapy massage using essential oils & balms. After 1 hour of smelling essential oils & balms(the balms clear your sinuses ) & listening to the calming music you feel so chilled out.
      Thank you for the encouraging comment
      Stay Fit & Healthy

  22. If anyone knows Thai massage it sounds like it’s you! Also interested to know which type of massage would you recommend for a newbie who has never experienced it before? Your thoughts are appreciated!

    1. Hi Lace.
      Thank you for your kind words.
      As a first massage I would recommend aromatherapy massage : ( ).
      This is very relaxing & a good blood circulator, it’s a good starting point. But I would recommend having a Traditional Thai massage : ( ) at some point in the future. This is a massage that has given me so much more flexibility back in my body.

      Keep Fit & Healthy

  23. Great post. As I write this I am getting a massage from my Shiatsu pillow massager. Its amazing. I think everyone needs to get a massage . Its keeps your body balanced. What are the best aroma therapy scents do you think?

    1. Hi David.
      I have tried several electronic massage devices & chairs over the years. Some are good & some do nothing ! The best for over all massage I have found is : Check it out & let me know what you think ?
      But you can never beat the real thing from a professional therapist.
      As for essential oils, I love the aroma from Lavender in my diffuser, It is relaxing & great for calming the mind. But when I’m suffering with a cold, I use a mixture of 2 drops Lavender (to relax) 3 drops Peppermint (to clear the nose ) & 2 drops of lime ( also helps clear the nasal tract )
      Thanks for your comment.
      Stay Fit & Healthy

  24. Wow great article. Massage with really so so helpful for relieving tension and tiredness int he body. Thai massage is specially very famous for that purpose. What if we combine exercise, yoga and massage, wouldn’t it be the best combination. I really like all the information you have provided in your article. I really appreciate your work, keep it up…:)

    1. Hi Sarah
      Thank you for your positive feedback.
      Massage has become more popular over the years & is increasing in popularity with all the health benefits that have been proven from having massage.
      I myself have never tried a yoga class, but I do some Tai Chi exercises as well as swimming & kayaking. Gives me a good all round workout, plus the regular massages.
      Keep Fit & Healthy.

  25. Wow Socha a nice and informative article about massage and oils. I personally fine massage amwoth proper oils as beneficial as yoga, it relaxes our mind and body. It’s like mindfulness… great article… super. Work and keep it up ..

    1. Hi Sarah
      Essential Oils have so many health benefits & they increase every month & with them been natural they have very little side effects.
      Use a diffuser or burner whilst doing your exercise or Yoga class for a clearer head & relaxing mood. Use Lavender with a little peppermint, clear the nose as well.
      Keep Fit & Healthy

  26. Love this site. I need to indulge in more massages. I haven’t heard of Thai massage before and I’m very interested in having it done now. I’m getting more versed in essential oils and I appreciate your expertise on them in using with massage. What is your go-to essential oil for a massage? Will be coming back for more info.

    1. Hi Linda
      Thank you for your kind words.
      Thai massage doesn’t use any oils at all. Just a lot of stretching & manipulation.
      My favourite Essential oil for Aromatherapy Massage has to be Lavender, yes I smell a little bit girly afterwards !lol But I find the aroma so relaxing & I seem to be able to shut off & drift away much quicker with Lavender oil.
      I also like Lavender & couple of drops of lemon & peppermint essential oil in my diffuser. These 3 work really good for clearing the head & nose & really relax me after a long day at work.
      Keep Fit & Healthy

  27. I love massage. My husband gives me message often. I have never heard of Thai massage, but definitely interested in learning more. I use essential oil in my diy skin care products and for aromatherapy. What essential oil do you recommend for massages?

    1. Hi Hong.
      Traditional Thai Massage uses no oils at all it’s all about stretching & manipulation. A lazy mans Yoga !
      My Favourite Essential Oil is Lavender, & it is also the most popular at my wife’s business. It’s great for relaxing & calming.
      I also like using it in my diffuser. With a couple of drops of lime & peppermint, That makes it good for clearing the head as well as clearing the nose.
      Stay Fit & Healthy

  28. I’ll admit. My entire life, I have never gone for a massage. You made them sound so relaxing and just so beneficial that I am going to have to give one a try! Or maybe I’ll just try out one of the products you recommend. Do you know of any really good ones for the lower back? Overall, great post Paul!

    1. Hi Brendan
      You don’t know what you are missing never having a massage ! It has become more popular over the last 10 years. Once people started to understand the health benefits gained from having regular massage.
      As for a electronic massager, I have tried a few over the years, but for me the best I tried & bought is a Viktor Jurgen Shiatsu Massager. See link : . For value for money & the amount of areas it will massage, it’s the best I can find. But still isn’t a real replacement for the real thing !
      Keep Fit & Healthy.

  29. Sawadee Kharp :D. No I m not Thai, but I learned something in this post here.

    This is a verry good article.Well done.
    I really enjoyed the reading. Will check your other posts also and if I have questions, I will get back to you. 🙂

    1. Hi Damien
      Thank you for your positive comment.
      Please read my other pages & posts & if you have had a massage before let me know your experience’s ?
      If not then it must be time to book a massage ?
      Keep Fit & Healthy

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