Let’s look at some of the facts

To lose weight we need to burn off more calories then we put in. The way to do this is exercise. Like Going to the gym or swimming.Yoga, walking or keep fit classes, As well a balanced diet ! We all know this. Right ?

Can Massage Help Burn Calories ?

Aromatherapy Massage : The rubbing and warming of the muscles stimulates & increases blood flow. It has been calculated that you will burn 67 calories per hour having this massage. Hmmm It’s also calculated that a 150 pound person will burn 63 calories sleeping for 1 hour ! 4 calories isn’t a lot. But I always feel better after a 1 hour massage than I do after just 1 hours sleep. But helps at hand ! If YOU massage someone else (that’s someone you know !) YOU can burn an average of 289 calories. That’s just a thought for you all !

Traditional Thai Massage: This must burn more calories than Aromatherapy massage ? With it’s YOGA positioning.(a person doing YOGA for 1 hour and weighing between 125-155 pounds will burn … Read the rest

First we have to identify that you have cellulite ?

Cellulite is fat that forms beneath the skin causing lumpy orange peal affect skin over the buttocks, thighs & abdomen. So do we think that massage will help cellulite ?


 Why do we get cellulite ?

It appears when fat cells build up between fibrous tissue that connect skin to underlying muscles. Fat pushes the skin outwards, whilst fibrous bands  pull the skin inwards.


Types of treatment :

It’s said that Deep Tissue Massage Therapy can work. But only for a short period of time ! and they say “No Pain No Gain” well this treatments for you. The harder the massage the better the results ! But I have another idea. My wife uses Swedish Massage for cellulite, the movement can be slow & gentle or vigorous & bracing. Depending on what you require. But to help with cellulite, you will need the later on the areas with cellulite.


3 Essential oils that will help Cellulite

1 Juniper Berry Essential oil:                                                                                                                                             With it’s Detoxifying effect & helps reduce fluid retention

2 Grapefruit Essential oil :                                                                                                                                                         It

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Today I will look at 3 different essential oils that will help with headaches


Peppermint :  is without doubt the best one in my eyes, With it containing menthol it has a soothing, cooling & helps to clear the mind.


Lavender : is the most versatile of all the essential oils & will be featured in a lot of these posts ! it  has anti-inflammatory properties & relaxing aroma .

Roman Chamomile : with it’s calming effect is ideal for headaches. There is also a German variety that has a larger proportion of the anti-inflammatory chemical azulene.

All these oils can be mixed with a base oil and put on the temple forehead and back of the neck. They can also be used in essential oil burners.… Read the rest