Coconut Oil Benefits

COCONUT OILS BENEFITS keep getting more with each passing week never mind year ! from HAIR GROWTH, HAIR HEALTH, FACE HEALTH & SKIN HEALTH. Look on any shelf in supermarkets or pharmacy’s & you will see lot’s of different products containing COCONUT OIL . As I will be drinking fresh coconut juice in Thailand very soon, I thought I would cover some of the BENEFITS OF COCONUT OIL.

Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

Using warm NOT HOT ! COCONUT OIL Will help with hair loss & encourage hair growth. the FATTY ACIDS & VITAMIN E found in coconut oil protect  the scalp & hair follicles, promoting healthier thicker / stronger hair. You can either put it all over your hair from roots to tips then put a shower cap or bag over your hair. NOT HEAD ! lol Leave on for 1 hour then wash like normal or you can massage the coconut oil into the balding areas, using gentle circular motion, Then wash out like normal.

Coconut Oil for Greasy Hair

Same as before WARM COCONUT OIL. Wash hair like normal. Then use it … Read the rest

 Review of Essential Oils on Amazon UK

I have spent the last 8 years searching the internet for 100% pure essential oils & 100% carrier oils. My goal was to find the best P.Q.Q. That’s  PRICE. QUALITY. QUANTITY.

We have tried many different company’s & websites over this time & now stick with what we have found to be the best quality for our money & always delivered on time.

Some that I have ordered from other websites were not of very good quality. Needless to say I will  avoid buying from that country & website again ! A  little tip read through the description fully. Some are not 100 % pure essential oils and you don’t get the quantity you think you are ordering. lesson learnt ! To test if they are pure essential oils, place 1 drop of oil on a piece of white paper. If it’s NOT 100% you will see a oily ring around the drop.

Plus when using these essential oils you will use a lot more drops to get the same effect of a good quality product, In the long run this will costs … Read the rest

Pregnant Woman Essential OIls

As any soon-to-be-mother knows, pregnancy can be a mixed bag of high & lows. While you are excited about meeting your new bundle of joy, observing a hundred & one do’s & don’ts can present something of a challenge, especially if you are a creature of habit. Take for example, the use of essential oils. Essential oils can play a significant role in balancing the up’s & downs & bring some pleasure to what should be the most rewarding time of a woman’s life. A beauty massage using essential oils can make a difference in not just how a woman feels, but also to their well-being.

However, pregnant women should always consult their doctor before beginning any questionable activity. Using essential oils in pregnancy has many benefits, but they should not be used in the first trimester due to the babies’ organ development. No studies have shown negative or positive effects on babies, but no risks should be taken.

Using essential oils during second & third trimester is not only okay, but also recommended. Many women become drained & tired during their pregnancy, but they have … Read the rest

Best Essential Oils & Balms for Back Muscular Pain

Most people suffer with back pain sometime in there life.

It doesn’t take much to hurt your back muscles, Bending over wrong, bending to one side, picking something up, putting something down, standing wrong, sitting wrong & even sneezing ! I bet doctors have heard a thousand different ways ?

Mine started in my early 30’s. I think it was from been silly whilst young, lifting things to heavy & totally lifting them wrong. Now I’m paying the price !

I have twice been laid up in that much pain I was scared to move.

But now I have regular massage with essential oils & balms & see a chiropractor once a month. I also swim, kayak, do stretching exercises for my back & the best thing I did was buy the best mattress for back pain ! The massage keeps my muscles knot free. The chiropractor keeps my spine aligned. The 1 mile swim per week, keeps the flexibility & Cardiovascular fitness. the kayaking is a great exercise for all the body & mind. The exercises strengthen my … Read the rest

Safe Essential Oils for Dogs

Well I had to cover essential oils for mans best friend. After 27 years of owning a couple of Jack Russell’s (Kimbo 15yrs & Holly pictured 12yrs ). I wondered about natural health treatments for them, From shampoo’s to healthy food supplements & if any of them worked ?

But back then there wasn’t much known about essential oils like there is today especially for dogs !  & I would never risk my dogs health to find out. You shouldn’t either always ask your vet before trying any of these essential oils I describe.

Always use 100% therapeutic essential oils. To find out that you have purchased the pure essential oil. Place one drop on a piece of white paper, leave to dry, If there is a oily ring left on the paper then these are not 100% pure essential oils.

Essential Oils Harmful to Dogs

I will list a few essential oils that are toxic to dogs. & should NEVER be used.

  • PINE.

I would also add any essential … Read the rest


Arthritis is a disease of the joints, causing swelling & severe pain around the joints.


OSTEOARTHRITIS Is were the cartilage wears away between the joints causing inflammation & pain.

RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS This is caused by the white blood cells destroying the cartilage, this then causes inflammation & pain in & around the joints.

Experts still have no idea what causes either of these arthritis’s.

Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis

The First Tablets that are used are : PARACETAMOL. CO-CODAMOL. These only help with the pain.

You can be prescribed ANTI-INFLAMMATORY drugs such as IBUPROFEN. ASPIRIN. These help with pain & stiffness. But have a lot of possible side effects such as : STOMACH ACHE. MILD HEARTBURN. NAUSEA. VOMITING. BLOATING.GAS. DIARREA. CONSTIPATION. DIZZINESS. HEADACHES. MILD ITCHING or RASH. RINGING IN THE EAR. To name a few & have no long term benefits.

Or if the symptoms are worse STERIOD based drugs, such as PREDNISONE. DEPO-MEDRONE. Now I was on PREDNISONE for many years as a suffer of ULCERATED COLITIS. I speak … Read the rest

Best Essential Oils for Colds & Flu

There are so many over the counter drugs you can buy for colds & flu, but who knows what’s actually in them & if it really works ?

Now as I was growing up I always remember some of my elders saying ” a cold takes 3 days to come & 3 days to go “. That means we usually only suffer the worst of a cold for 2 to 3 days maximum. Seeing we don’t seem to have a cure for a cold or flu, we can only alleviate the symptoms.

Over the past few years I have researched and tested on myself & the wife, the effects of essential oils on colds & flu.

Let’s start with the symptoms of a cold or flu.

  • Headaches
  • Blocked Nose
  • Body Aches & Pains
  • Runny Nose
  • Fatigue
  • Congestion
  • Cough
  • Sore Throat
  • Times 10 for men ! lol

Now as normal I will be doing my top 3 essential oils. I could list a lot more, but I try and keep it simple, Otherwise you will all end up with bottles of essential oils all … Read the rest