Sunburn Essential Oils

Using essential oils for natural sunburn treatment, be it mild or severe, is an excellent way to aid your own innate healing ability & get back to good healthy skin in a relatively quick time period. There are of course a variety of oils which can be beneficial, & each of them brings additional properties & manners which alter how the sunburn treatment works. Tea tree essential oil (Melaleuca ) & Lavender essential oil are two that spring to mind when considering home remedies for this condition, though there are others & some of them bring incredibly good effects.

Essential Oils to Avoid

First up a word of warning on which essential oils to AVOID if you have sunburn or are considering going out in the sun for any period of time :

  • Bergamot.
  • Lemon.
  • Lime.
  • Orange.
  • Grapefruit.

Basically anything citrus should be avoided when you are planning to be out in the sun, especially if you are planning on being out for prolonged period of time. Why ?

Citrus Essential Oils Induce a higher degree of photosensitivity.

Whilst this may be ok in winter or times … Read the rest

Hay Fever Essential Oils  

With hay fever affecting 1 in 5 adults & increasing, more people are discovering essential oils are an alternative or complementary treatment for allergy or sinusitis systems.

Aromatherapy is an ancient healing system that dates back to early Egyptian times. Breathing in the oils scents is known as aromatherapy. This practice stimulates your body through your sense of smell & enters the blood stream. It is a science based on the use of high grade pure essential oils derived from flowers, leaves, roots, seeds & stems of plants.

While conventional pharmacotherapy is the preferred method of treating allergic rhinitis & sinusitis, the interest of herbs, roots & plants for healing is gaining grounds fast as more studies gain scientific approval.

Although there is generally limited studies on aromatherapy, a 2016 study showed promising signs that certain aromatherapy oils can help relieve perennial allergy symptoms, improve quality of life, & reduce fatigue in patients with allergies.

Also with bacterial resistance to multiple antibiotics becoming a serious health threat many essential oils such as Tea Tree & Eucalyptus possess antibacterial properties with more & more researchers considering them … Read the rest

Jet Lag Essential Oils

Hurrah,you’re off on holiday ! Isn’t it great feeling when you’ve researched, planned & finally booked a much-needed vacation ? The only downside is when you start to factor in the effects of jet lag. You arrive at your dream destination too exhausted to do anything, & this can last for days ! jet lag forces your body into a completely different eating / waking / sleeping cycle that can take much of the joy out of a travel adventure. Often it seem you finally start adjusting to the current time zone before you have to go home, & then you have to go through the experience all over again. It’s almost enough to put you off travel for good !

The more time zones you cross, the more your body’s natural waking & sleeping rhythms are disrupted. What many people don’t realise is that jet lag can also take a toll on your digestive system. Just like with sleep, your body is also used to certain eating cycles, & medication taking problems for some. When you’re in a different time zone you may find you’re … Read the rest

 Joint Pain Essential Oils

Arthritis is not a new health concern. Ancient human remains over a half million years ago show evidence of degenerative joint disease. Today, about one out of every five adults in the USA has some type of joint pain ( arthritis) (that makes nearly 70 million people), & more than half of those over 65 have arthritis. Additionally, more than 250,000 children have this condition.

Joint disease is not limited to humans either, Many pets suffer from arthritis & joint problems too, & it is a particularly common condition in dogs, cats & horses. Fortunately, many of the essential oils that help humans treat their joint issues can also be used on animals ( see recipes, below).

While there are many oils that can support general & joint health, the featured oils below are considered the most important for anti-inflammatory, circulation & warming qualities.

These oils can all be used in a variety of applications, some of which will be listed in the DIY treatment section which follows

Best Essential Oils For Joint Pain



Chamomile is one of the oldest & most well studied of all the essential oils for joint conditions. It is … Read the rest

 Best Essential Oils for Migraines

Essential oils are an excellent remedy for many health & wellness issues, including migraines & headaches. If you get migraines, you know how debilitating they can be. The pain. nausea, & sensitivity to light & sound can have you down for the count for the entire day.

You need to feel better fast, but what if you’re sick of using expensive medication with too many side effects to count ? Maybe they don’t work quite as well as they did in the beginning & you find yourself constantly questioning whether or not they’re worth it.

Essential oils are an amazing, all-natural solution to migraine headaches. Oils that have anti-inflammatory properties & relieve stress work best for relieving the pain.

Below is a list of the best essential oils for migraines & different methods of introducing their healing properties into your body.


One of the main benefits of peppermint essential oil is that it is an age old & very popular treatment option for headaches& migraines. It works by relaxing muscles in the area & stimulating blood flow which in turn helps to … Read the rest

Essential Oils that Women can use During the Menopause

Menopause is neither a disease nor abnormality ! It’s simply the stopping or cessation of the monthly female menstrual cycle. Menopause is a crucial phase in any woman’s life. While some sail through it with enviable ease, others find it a nightmare to live with. As the body undergoes continuous changes, both physical & psychological, most women complain of mood swings, hot flushes, skin aging, low self-esteem, depression & irritability. Quite naturally, these factors affect many women as well as those around her ( friends, family & co-workers). If you are one of the many women who have a hard time coping up with hormonal changes, essential oils may be just what you need.

Don’t let your hormones get the better of you – It is easy to maintain your health, beauty & sanity with a little help from essential oils ! We present the top essential oils every woman should have with them at all times, to bring balance & harmony to the lives of women.

Top 3 Essential Oils for Menopause

CLARY SAGE is an essential oil made fromRead the rest

List of the Best Essential Oils for Asthma

Some of the most useful essential oils for asthma include chamomile, clove, peppermint, lavender, eucalypus, oregano, thyme, frankincense & tea tree oils.


With it’s immune-boosting properties, as well as it’s expectorant & antibacterial abilities, thyme oil is ideal for asthma sufferers, as it can clear out the excess mucus in the respiratory tracts & eliminate infections that can exacerbate asthma symptoms.

How to use – This essential oil can be added to a steam inhalation treatment, or mixed with other aromatic compounds or carrier oils & applied to the chest, where it can be inhaled throughout the night for clear breathing in the morning.


There are certain sedative & anti-inflammatory properties of lavender oil that make it ideal for  treating asthma. It can reduce swelling in the respiratory tracts & soothe muscle contractions, preventing the bronchospasms that can cause wheezing.

How to use – You can add lavender oil to a warm bath & inhale deeply from the aromatic fumes, or mix lavender oil with jojoba oil & apply it to the chest as a vapour … Read the rest

S.A.D. Season Adjustment Disorder 

I have just returned from a fantastic 2 weeks holiday in my favourite place in the world. Thailand !

With my wife been Thai it gave her the chance to catch back up with family in Patong Beach. Phuket. Me it gave me plenty of time for massages !

patong sunset

First Massage of My Holiday

After 2 long flights it was time for a shower a little bit of food & find our first place for massage.

We walked down the seafront road. But found no place of interest to us.

Then we walked down the road that runs parallel with the beach road, we came across EMOTIONS DAY SPA MASSAGE ( ). With it been a long day we took a 1 hour Thai massage followed by a 1 hour Oil massage, at 450 baht ( 42.40 baht to the pound at this time ) it was very acceptable thank you very much. The young man who massaged me was very experienced at both types of massage, the work he did with knees and elbows on my back made all the long flight aches … Read the rest