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Hi All. I am Paul and I’ve been interested in massage since meeting my wife over 8 years ago.

About Myself

I will tell you a little bit about myself. Just over 16 years ago I had major surgery for an illness called *ulcerated colitis(operation was a *ileo anal pouch see : https://massagefor-well-being.com/ulcerated-colitis-crohns-or-ibs) I won’t go into detail right now, but I seemed to always suffer with pain in my lower back. I never ever thought of massage, just used pain killers like the doctor told me too !

Then I met my wife Issareeya and she was a qualified spa therapist and told me that Thai massage would help. She sees this problem a lot. From people sitting at a desks all day or bending over in the work place. I’m telling you I thought my body was quite flexible with kayaking and swimming regularly, but was surprised how little movement  I had.

Thai massage is like Yoga with someone else doing the movements for you. I will be adding pictures later and you can see the stretching and bending  for yourself !

Now 8 years on and aged 52 I have been to Thailand seen the training, experienced  good massages and some not so good ! I have now either Traditional Thai massage or aroma massage with balms  once a month and I feel great. I also swim once a week and when possible go kayaking. I do some stretching exercises and self massage. I will explain more later.

Thanks for spending the time visiting my website. you can always leave me feedback  or just let me know your thoughts on the health advantages of massage especially Traditional Thai Massage or any other stories you may have ?

I wish you all good health & wellbeing. Sawadee kharp (Thai for good bye Or Hello )


Founder of www.massage-for-well-being.com

* If anyone wants to talk about Ulcerated Colitis(I had for 19yrs) or Ileo anal pouch (I have had for over16yrs). Message me on here or Email me : paul@massage-for-well-being.com. I spent 5yrs after my operation talking to patients who were going to have the operation explaining the full procedure to giving them tips I had learnt from my mum ( ward manager on a surgical ward until she retired ). I will always be honest with any questions I’m asked !

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