Alternative Treatment For Multiple Sclerosis

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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Symptoms

In 2015 about 2.3 million people were affected globally with MS. It normally begins between the ages of 20 to 50 & is twice as common in women. Over 50% of MS sufferers will try alternative or complementary treatments. Most of these are women who have suffered with MS for several years.

Not all sufferers of MS have the same symptoms. But most at one time or another will suffer with some of the most common symptoms that include :

  • PAIN : This can be anywhere over the full body.
  • VISION : One in Four sufferers have eye problems. This can include loss of vision lasting up to a week. Double Vision : The eyes can move on there own, which can make still objects look as though they are moving. Colour Blindness : Eye pain, see flashes when moving the eyes.
  • FITIGUE : This seems to be one of the main problems nearly all MS sufferers have to cope with daily.
  • TINGLING & NUMBNESS : Both of these can be very uncomfortable, making for restless nights.
  • MEMORY PROBLEMS : This can be anything from planning, problem solving to not learning new things quickly. But long time memory shouldn’t be affected.
  • MUSCLE WEAKNESS,SPASMS & WEAK : Making everyday tasks hard to do. Which then will also cause MOBILITY PROBLEMS.
  • ANXIETY & DEPRESSION : These having been proved to be affects of the MS. But with the uncertainty of everyday living with MS you would expect one or both of these to surface ?

Some other problems that can happen include :


Will Massage Help Sufferers Of Multiple Sclerosis

Simple answer YES !

Massage helps with flexibility, reduces stress levels & relieves aching muscles. All of which MS sufferers have problems with.

Pain attacks sensory nerves. Massage increases the production of serotonin, this is the body’s own painkiller.

In 2009 M.S. Journal did a study & found after 10 weeks of massage treatment MS sufferers had reduced pain levels by as much as 50% lower over the following 3 months.

It has also been proven to be safe for MS sufferers to have regular massage. As long as they do not have bone thinning Osteoporosis. Sufferers of Osteoporosis should talk with your doctor before trying any form of massage.

Which Massage Is Best ?

This depends on the MS sufferer. All sufferers would benefit from a regular (45 minutes, Twice a week) Aromatherapy massage. Check the link for information : ( ). This will increase flexibility & relax tight, stiff muscles. It will also decrease stress & anxiety levels, making the sufferer feel better with themselves.

Another good Massage is Hot Stone Massage. Click on link for more information : ( ). Hot Stone Massage is good for penetrating heat into the muscles, helps relax deep tension in the muscle. Also another great massage for relaxing the mind & giving the sufferer a feeling of wellbeing.

A very popular massage for MS sufferers is the Swedish Massage. Again click on link for more information : ( ). With the long flowing movement, it really helps the muscles to relax as well as the mind.


These massages have been proven to help  MS sufferers, but only by having regular massage. Just the odd massage here & there has no long term benefit for MS sufferers. No massage will ever cure MS it will only help sufferers. But anything that could help with the everyday problems of MS must be worth trying, Right ?

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