Bamboo Massage

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Bamboo Therapy

In today’s stressful & tumultuous world, one of the many methods that people employ in order to relax is massage. Massage therapy is quickly becoming a preferred method of stress relief & relaxation. The key to this form of therapy is to target areas on the body that tend to be susceptible to pressure & try to release whatever strain they may be experiencing. Many people, if not everyone, is familiar with the traditional form of massage in which the hands are used in order to release pressure from the body.

However, one of the methods of massage which is popular in Asian culture & which is becoming popular in the western world as well is that of Bamboo Massage. Asians such as the Chinese, Indonesian & Japanese typically use bamboo in their festivals & rituals as the bamboo symbolizes life energy, prosperity, longevity, sexuality & fertility. For the Chinese, bamboo massage is not as new as it may seem. It has been used in ancient times & it’s uses include more than just body work.

Bamboo Massage Techniques & Health Benefits

The process of Bamboo Massage employs the use of bamboo stalks which vary in length & thickness. These bamboo stalks are used to provide deep-tissue work. Some of the benefits of Bamboo Massage are that it promotes blood circulation, improves sensory nerve perception & drainage of the lymphatic system while also providing a sense of relaxation & relief from tension. Bamboo Massage is also beneficial to the massage therapist as it lessens the stress that is placed on the hands & fingers while still affording the massage therapist to penetrate deeply into the muscles tissue.

The use of bamboo for the purpose of massage is beneficial since the pressure that is applied using the bamboo sticks can penetrate deep into the tissues of the body. This helps to raise energy levels of the body & it also creates an improved degree of fluidity in the body. This revitalizes the body, especially for someone who was feeling sluggish. Bamboo sticks relieves sluggishness by releasing the heat that accumulates when toxins build up in the body & there is inadequate circulations to get rid of them.

Tian Di Bamboo Massage

Another method for bamboo massage is the Tian Di bamboo massage which was developed by Ernesto Ortiz who incorporated the Chinese five elements theory.

This theory incorporates fire, earth, metal, wood & water into the massage technique. For this massage, bamboo is cut into different sizes & the stalks of bamboo act as an extension of the therapist’s hands, forearms & elbows. Allowing a deep massage & increases the effectiveness of the massage. Bamboo Massage is definitely something that should be tried as a method of tension relief as it provides instant & long lasting results. It aids in the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional well being & improves the connection between mind & body.


As of now, I haven’t tried this type of massage yet. Unless you can count getting cane at school ? lol

But it is something I will try when I can find someone who is qualified in this wonderful massage art.

If anyone has tried this massage. Could you please let me know how it felt  & how you felt afterwards ?

Just comment below.

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