Can Self Massage Help ?

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Have You Tried Self Massage ?

You probably already do self massage without even thinking about it.

When you have a stiff neck, you rub it. Right ?  Or a headache you rub the temples. Maybe when you have a pain in the lower back, you put your hands around your waist and rub using either you fingers or thumbs, depending which way up you have your hands ! I will be showing you some massages you can give yourself that will help with pain or just to improve your movement & circulation.


Sitting on a chair or bed. Press the dimples on either side of your lower spine. Using  circular thumb pressure & knuckling (fisted hand rolled up & down ) over tense areas. Rub up and down to relax & soothe.


Sit on the floor. Rest one foot on the opposite legs thigh. Put one hand on top of the foot & the other hand underneath. Then rub back & forth ( effleurage movement ). Then pull & stretch the toes, don’t over pull, just enough to fell it working.


My favourite ! Lie on your back with knees bent up & feet apart, place your hands on top of each other around the belly button area. Make large clockwise, circular movement. You can also knead with fingers & thumbs. finishing with rubbing up & down. This should help relax the stomach & it helps when you have stomach cramps.


Sit on the floor & effleurage (rub up & down with flat hands palm down ) from the foot up. This will increase the blood flow. Then knead ( the tools on the right are good for kneading & toe massage ) the Thigh using fingertips & thumbs, finishing with the pummel technique (using the side of a fisted hand ) front & outside of the thigh.

Lastly knead your calf muscles with both hands, & finish with effleurage.


Effleurage firmly from shoulder to wrist, with gentle strokes downwards. Knead up the arm & use circular thumb pressure on your forearms.

Use gentle cupping (make your hand like a up by bending fingers down slightly) & Taping up the arms, this will stimulate the skin and blood vessels.


Gently rub along the back of the hands from little finger to thumb using your fingers, changing from one hand to the other. Then using the thumb massage the palms of your hand using as much pressure as you like.

Massage each finger using the same technique as you did with the toes. Mine always crack !


Sit on a chair & relax your neck forwards. Clasp your hands together behind your head & use your thumbs to rub firmly downwards. Then use circular finger pressure to the base of the skull. I also keep my hands clasped and use like a nut cracker up from the bottom of the neck, But not to much pressure it’s very close to the spine.

The shoulders can be massaged by using your left hand for right shoulder and just grab and release with your fingers, use as much pressure as you feel comfortable with. Then repeat on the other shoulder.Image result for self massage

Now a similar action but putting the left hand under the right arm pit until you can feel the lower shoulder, & massage with fingertips.

I usually take about 1 hour to do these ! but that can be over a day ! depending on the time I have, some can be done whilst sat watching television or if you are like me listening to music.

There are also a lot of tools  you can use for self massage (click on images for more information.

Hope some of these will help you ? if you have any others that I could try or anything else you would like to ask

please message me

Live long & Healthy



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