Coconut Oil

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Coconut Oil Benefits

COCONUT OILS BENEFITS keep getting more with each passing week never mind year ! from HAIR GROWTH, HAIR HEALTH, FACE HEALTH & SKIN HEALTH. Look on any shelf in supermarkets or pharmacy’s & you will see lot’s of different products containing COCONUT OIL . As I will be drinking fresh coconut juice in Thailand very soon, I thought I would cover some of the BENEFITS OF COCONUT OIL.

Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

Using warm NOT HOT ! COCONUT OIL Will help with hair loss & encourage hair growth. the FATTY ACIDS & VITAMIN E found in coconut oil protect  the scalp & hair follicles, promoting healthier thicker / stronger hair. You can either put it all over your hair from roots to tips then put a shower cap or bag over your hair. NOT HEAD ! lol Leave on for 1 hour then wash like normal or you can massage the coconut oil into the balding areas, using gentle circular motion, Then wash out like normal.

Coconut Oil for Greasy Hair

Same as before WARM COCONUT OIL. Wash hair like normal. Then use it like you would a conditioner, about 2 tablespoons full for longish thick hair.  Leave in for a 20 minutes or so & rinse out. Then condition like normal.

Coconut Oil for Healthy Hair

With so many hair products containing coconut oil. The industry is cashing in on the known benefits of coconut oil, Other things it will help with include : DRY SCALP: Depending on hair length, use 2 tablespoons full of coconut oil & 3 to 5 drops of sandalwood essential oil. DANDRUFF Again use about 2 tablespoons full of coconut oil, with 3 to 5 drops lavender essential oil. Cover hair with shower cap for around 30 minutes. then wash hair like normal. CONDITIONING : Same as you would for greasy hair. STYLING : Put a small amount in you hand and rub it through the hair from root to ends. Style like normal. FUZZY : Same again small amount, then brush hair out. HEAD LICE : Mix coconut oil with 3 drops of tea tree essential oil. Use like conditioner, leave on for 10 minutes. to rid your hair of the little blighters.

Coconut Oil for the Skin

As with hair products, You can find so many skin products containing coconut oil, from face creams, body lotions, foot cream, body polish, face masks & the list goes on. So here’s some conditions it will help with DRY SKIN : Coconut oil is a great skin hydrator. But a word of warning, to keep the skin hydrated coconut oil blocks skin pores, This could cause a problem if you suffer with acne. MAKEUP REMOVER : Not me I will have you know ! but the wife uses coconut oil on cotton buds to remove makeup & replenish the skin after wearing makeup all day. MASSAGE OIL : Wouldn’t be right if I didn’t add this use ! The times I have had aromatherapy massages & smelt the coconut oil. It’s a very popular carrier oil. SHAVING :  Instead of shop bought shaving gel, use coconut oil, It will help the razor slide along the skin, preventing sores & nourishes the skin at the same time. SKIN CONDITIONS : It has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antimicrobial, anti-bacterial & anti-viral that’s a lot of anti’s. Most skin conditions will benefit from a little bit of coconut oil. STRETCH MARKS : It can already be found in products that claim to reduce stretch marks, using the original will work out cheaper in the long run. Massage it into & around the area of the stretch marks. Now I have tried this on a stretch mark on my thigh, it is a lot lighter now, but that could be just with time ? Maybe you have had good results you can share with me ? COLD SORES : Like I’ve already said, full of anti’s, all that will help with cold sores. just a drop on your clean finger end, dab on the cold sore. AFTERSUN : Just like with dry skin, coconut oil will hydrate the skin, taking that tight skin feeling away that you get with sunburn. How many after suns do you with coconut oil already in them ? I see loads. ANTI-AGING : You’ve seen the celebrities who claim this & that cream work to keep you looking young ! All the most expensive products ! hmm Coconut oil is said to reduce wrinkles & sagging, both of these happen as we get older ( worse luck ! ). If that’s what they mean by anti-aging ? then they do help a little with anti-aging. But my own opinion is we all have to age at sometime, unless you have a facelift !

Coconut Oil for Weightloss

Well I must add this ! coconut  contains 91.000 of saturated fatty acids. Put that against olive that has 14.000 saturated fatty acids content. That is very high. You can see why a lot of health organizations world wide are advising not to use coconut oil as a weightloss method. In fact they have gone on record stating ” Due to its high content of saturated fat with corresponding high caloric burden, regular use of coconut oil in food preparation may promote weight gain”. COCONUT OIL IN FOOD : Me personally, I like coconut milk in curry’s ( married to a Thai woman, I have little choice ! lol ) & adding some to the water when cooking rice, gives the rice a creamy taste. As I said at the start, I like fresh coconut juice. But I only have coconut oil in moderation, like all foods.

Miracle Coconut Oil 

Yes I have seen google search saying ” coconut oil for HEART DISEASE, HIV, CANCER or PANCREATITIS. Now call me cynical, But wouldn’t all the worlds health care organisations be using coconut oil if it did alleviate  these illnesses ? It would be a lot cheaper then the treatments they all ready use.  Yes a lot of research & studies have & are on going as I write this, but none have said it’s a cure for these terminal illnesses. The positive results for cancer research was for the large bowel (colon) cancer. With suffering with ulcerated colitis for 19 years, I have always followed new ideas for bowel cancer, as it is a high risk condition you can get with colitis, even today 17 years having an ileo anal pouch, I’m still interested into the research of the large bowel & read all the latest reports.

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