Facial Massage / Essential Oils Help Reduce Wrinkles ?

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Will A Facials Help With Wrinkles ? 

We all know as we get older the skin around the eyes & mouth begin to become wrinkly. Reports say it all starts after we hit 40 !! But is there a way of slowing this down ? Well the ladies amongst us usually search the internet for the  BEST MAKEUP FOR WRINKLES. Most men, me included blame it on a hard life ! lol

But the weather either summery or wintery will do the skin no good at all. & according to reports & my wife (who owns here own massage business) FACIALS are becoming more popular with women and men.

I had to have a facial last week end (for the first time ) to see what all the fuss was about ?

I had just a basic facial, which I found surprisingly relaxing and afterwards found my skin to feel really refreshed.

It is believed that the treatment helps keep the skin moisturised and the techniques used help tighten the skin.

Time will tell. I’ve only just started this test, might take a while before my face can recover from it’s hard life ! lol

Best Essential Oils for Wrinkles 

Like always my top 3 ( remember this is only my personal choice there are a lot of essential oils that will in one way or another help )

FRANKINCENSE  ESSENTIAL OIL : Can hydrate & rejuvenate the skin. Also helping with the growth of new skin cells.

LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL : Contains large amounts of vitamin c that will help rejuvenate tired looking skin.

POMEGRANATE ESSENTIAL OIL :  Yet again another that promotes new skin growth.


Best Carrier Oils to use

You will require a carrier oil for the essential oil. So yet again my top 3.

JOJOBA CARRIER OIL :  Will help keep the skin moist & with it’s anti inflammatory properties it will improve the overall condition of the skin.

SWEET ALMOND CARRIER OIL:   Helps nourish the skin which should help tighten the skin.

VITAMIN C CARRIER OIL :  Antioxidant effect to help the skin from getting damaged.

The best time to use these oils is the evening before bedtime. Never go out in the sun with oils on your face. wouldn’t want you to cook yourself !

You will probably find that these essential oils & carrier oils work out cheaper then some of the creams out there in the shops ?

One post without Lavender essential oil  been in the top 3. But it was tempting to put it in ! You can add it to normal creams to rejuvenate the skin !

If you have anything to add please leave a comment and I will reply as soon as possible.



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