Essential Oils Amazon Review

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 Review of Essential Oils on Amazon UK

I have spent the last 8 years searching the internet for 100% pure essential oils & 100% carrier oils. My goal was to find the best P.Q.Q. That’s  PRICE. QUALITY. QUANTITY.

We have tried many different company’s & websites over this time & now stick with what we have found to be the best quality for our money & always delivered on time.

Some that I have ordered from other websites were not of very good quality. Needless to say I will  avoid buying from that country & website again ! A  little tip read through the description fully. Some are not 100 % pure essential oils and you don’t get the quantity you think you are ordering. lesson learnt ! To test if they are pure essential oils, place 1 drop of oil on a piece of white paper. If it’s NOT 100% you will see a oily ring around the drop.

Plus when using these essential oils you will use a lot more drops to get the same effect of a good quality product, In the long run this will costs you a lot more !

My wife buys here carrier oils (5 litres sweet Almond 100% ) from AMAZON UK. For her business : Bit of advertising for her ! lol.  I thought I would search around see if we could get a better deal on carrier oils as well as the essential oils.

Me being me  I don’t like to pay postage on top of the price, unless it still works out cheaper !

I could find the essential oils cheaper elsewhere if I ordered in bulk, but that’s not an option. Who needs to have so many of the same essential oils at home ?

So in the end I placed an order for 10ml LEMONGRASS, 10ml LIME, 10ml PEPPERMINT, 10ml YLANG YLANG, 10ml FRANKINCENSE & 2 5litres SWEET ALMOND Carrier oil.

We don’t have prime, so couldn’t get next day delivery. I placed the order & within 3 days it was delivered.

The essential oils are all 100% pure good quality oils.

I also ordered another diffuser ! one that could hold 300ml of water !I have never used more then 100ml of water & that lasts over 4 hours.


I have never been let down by Amazon on any of the massage equipment, essential oils & carrier oils.

Always packed very well, always delivered on time & everything is as described.

For more details of products. Click on any image to take you to Amazon.

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