Essential Oils for Acne

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Best Essential Oils to Treat Acne

Just what are essential oils? They are water-like substances extracted from flowers, plants, herbs, wood bark & fruits. Unlike traditional “oils” these substances aren’t at all sticky or oily, & resemble water more than anything else.

So How Can They Help You ?

Essential oils are anti-everything, many of them are naturally antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory & antiseptic, all properties that are helpful in any acne treatment. They can also help improve circulation, which increases the flow of oxygen & nutrients in the skin. There are also some essential oils that help reduce seburn production – key to any acne treatment.

So Where Should You Begin ?

There are several oils that specifically address acne concerns. Geranium, Rosemary, Lavender & Cedarwood are great for regulating & balancing oily skin.

Bergamot & Lemon are good antibacterial cleansing & spot treatments. Peppermint, Tea Tree oil & Calendula have great antiseptic & healing properties. Acne-prone or oily skin can also benefit from lightweight oils such as Jojoba, Almond, Borage or Evening Primrose.

When selecting the type of essential oil that is right for your skin, consider your skin type, & what type of acne you are trying to treat, & whether these oils need to be diluted. The more sensitive your skin, the more diluted the oils should be. You should dilute nearly all essential oils to a certain extent.

When shopping for essential oils opt for pure varieties. When using for the skin care purposes, it’s important to use pure essential oils, & avoid labels such as “perfume oil ” or “fragrance oil”. These may be synthetic versions that aren’t safe for use on skin.

You should also consider purchasing organic essential oils to be sure that they are free from pesticides or chemical residue. Base oils should be cold-pressed & organic to ensure that beneficial vitamins & minerals weren’t stripped away with preservatives or solvents.

To extend the life of your oils, store them in dark bottles & keep them in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

Acne Receipt 

Tea tree can be put directly onto spots. You could always try my recipe,  30ml carrier oil with 15 drops lavender essential oil, 10 drops tea tree essential oil & 5 drops lemon essential oil. lemon essential oil helps remove dead skin & has an effective cleansing action on greasy skin. Use like  you would any of the creams from the chemists.


Depending on skin types & how bad the acne is, to how quick the essential oils will start working. But if you keep using the essential oils, you will eventually see some results.

Essential oils are far better for the skin then chemically formulated creams & lotions.

This is my personal opinion.


Always do a test on your forearm, making sure you are not allergic to the essential oil. do this with every oil you try.

Children & pregnant women should always seek medical advice before using any essential oils.

Never go out into the sunlight without sun protection after using any oils !

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Thanks for reading my post. If you have anymore suggestions or treatments that have worked for you, Please comment below.







  1. I was wondering if essential oils can help with stuff like stress and is aroma therapy safe. I would be interested in tee tree oil and this post gave me an idea to get some. My skin in my nearly years was exposed tom the sun pretty much so now I am mindful of using some protection but I don’t go in the water without a water shirt. I would use this oil to keep my skin healthy but wondering if you put this everywhere or just certain spots? Thanks for a great read and info!

    1. Hi David
      Essential oils used in a diffuser or burner are fantastic for stress. I use lavender or ylang ylang.
      If you mean aromatherapy massage ? I have never heard of anyone getting hurt.
      But some peoples skin can react to essential oils, so it’s always wise to do a skin test with just one drop of oil.
      The oils can be used everywhere. When you have a aromatherapy massage the oil is rubbed all over the body.
      Hope this helps ?
      Thank you for your support
      Live life to the full

  2. Hi Paul,
    Very interesting article. I live in Barbados, in the Caribbean and I find the salt water here in the water to be really good for the skin and any acne problems. Also I’ve heard that tea tree oil is really good as well. Nice article, and you have a nice website here too.

    1. Thank you tom.
      Think the salt water will help acne ? it will take away the greasy skin. Tea tree essential oils has lots of benefits. Some I will be covering in later posts !
      live life to the full

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