Essential Oils for Back Pain

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Best Essential Oils & Balms for Back Muscular Pain

Most people suffer with back pain sometime in there life.

It doesn’t take much to hurt your back muscles, Bending over wrong, bending to one side, picking something up, putting something down, standing wrong, sitting wrong & even sneezing ! I bet doctors have heard a thousand different ways ?

Mine started in my early 30’s. I think it was from been silly whilst young, lifting things to heavy & totally lifting them wrong. Now I’m paying the price !

I have twice been laid up in that much pain I was scared to move.

But now I have regular massage with essential oils & balms & see a chiropractor once a month. I also swim, kayak, do stretching exercises for my back & the best thing I did was buy the best mattress for back pain ! The massage keeps my muscles knot free. The chiropractor keeps my spine aligned. The 1 mile swim per week, keeps the flexibility & Cardiovascular fitness. the kayaking is a great exercise for all the body & mind. The exercises strengthen my back muscles & The mattress  gives me a better nights sleep. Put these things together & my life is so much happier.

The Best Essential Oils for Lower Back Pain 

I’m going to give the mixtures of essential oils that I have found to work over the years. Rather than just individual oils.

PEPPERMINT, LAVENDER & GINGER ESSENTIAL OILS : Peppermint for the cooling & anti-inflammatory. Lavender for Anti-inflammatory & calming effect. Ginger for anti-inflammatory & all 3 help ease pain. Use 2 to 3  drops of each.

FRANKINCENSE & CYPRESS ESSENTIAL OILS : Both help reduce inflammation, improve circulation & ease pain. use 3 drops frankincense, 2 drops cypress.

WINTERGREEN & PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OILS Helps with pain & has a cooling effect on the muscles. Use 2 to 3 drops of each.

CHAMOMILE ESSENTIAL OIL : Works to stop muscular spasms that often happen when you have a bad back. Another  with anti-inflammatory & pain relief. Use on it’s own 2 to 3 drops.

All these recipes are mixed with either COCONUT or ALMOND carrier oils to be massaged into the painful areas. or used for aromatherapy massage.

Balms for Lower Back Pain 

I use Thai Balms that I used to bring back from Thailand. But I have found that they sell them on AMAZON. Price wise they are a little bit more expensive than Thailand, But they are delivered straight to my door & no worry of the bottles getting broken in my suitcase !

The main ones I use are 2 x 50g MIX WANGPHROM BALM THAI HERBAL MASSAGE PAIN RELIEF. I first found out about these whilst having a massage in Thailand, after the long flight (16 hours with one stop & that doesn’t include 3 hours waiting around airport ). My wife booked me in for back massage with balms, the feeling was hot, but very soothing. So now I get massaged with these balms quite often.

Another is 2 x Tiger Balm Red 18g Jars (Extra Strength Pain Relief) Now most people have heard of how good tiger balm is ? It also works for a blocked noses whilst trying to sleep. Just leave it open at the side of your bed.

Also 2 x 50 G. Barleria lupulina Thai Herbal Spa Balm Relief Muscular Pain Aches good for muscle pain, itchy skin, insect bites & stings.

You can either rub the balms straight into the painful area. or whilst having a massage, have them rubbed into the painful area with a carrier oil. if you apply it yourself, wash your hands before touching any other part of your body ! Could be painful in the wrong areas if you know what I mean ? lol


As you can see it’s not easy or cheap trying to keep my lower back pain free. But it seems to be working & that’s all that matters. If any of you are wondering what mattress I bought ? it was Silentnight Bexley Mattress Miracoil Orthopaedic Firm Support Ortho For Single, Double, King Size or Super King Sized Beds (Double) I bought the king size. I have owned it now for nearly 3 years. I will never go back to a soft mattress. I didn’t believe that a mattress would make my life that much better, but it has.

If you have any questions or have any good ideas you would like to share with me.

Please leave a comment below.

Thank you for reading .





  1. Thanks for sharing this Paul. I just stubbled upon this article as I’m researching ways to manage my back pain. I never thought of using essential oils but it makes perfect sense.

    I’ll take your tips on board and hopefully have a good result.

    1. Hi Vince
      I have been using essential oils & balms for nearly 10 years now. I have never felt better in in all the time I’ve had a bad back since finding the right one’s. Please let me know how you get on with the essential oils & balms ?
      Thank you for the positive comment.
      Stay Fit & Healthy

  2. Thanks for sharing Paul.
    I have a very tall build structure and I have to very careful with my back>
    My back muscles tend to go in spasm to such an extent that I can barely walk sometimes.
    I never thought of using essential oils to get relief.
    I will really keep this in mind. Thanks
    Cheers 🙂

    1. Hi
      My wife says my back is longer then others she massage’s. I use to end up with the same problem as you, bend right down, back twinges.
      but with all the things I’m now doing It seems to be a thing of the past.
      Stay fit & Healthy

    1. Hi Matthew
      Have you used the balms ? When I have them used with massage carrier oils ( coconut oil ) that does the trick. Plus a deep massage on my lower back helps.
      Hope these help ?

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