Essential Oils for Dogs

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Safe Essential Oils for Dogs

Well I had to cover essential oils for mans best friend. After 27 years of owning a couple of Jack Russell’s (Kimbo 15yrs & Holly pictured 12yrs ). I wondered about natural health treatments for them, From shampoo’s to healthy food supplements & if any of them worked ?

But back then there wasn’t much known about essential oils like there is today especially for dogs !  & I would never risk my dogs health to find out. You shouldn’t either always ask your vet before trying any of these essential oils I describe.

Always use 100% therapeutic essential oils. To find out that you have purchased the pure essential oil. Place one drop on a piece of white paper, leave to dry, If there is a oily ring left on the paper then these are not 100% pure essential oils.

Essential Oils Harmful to Dogs

I will list a few essential oils that are toxic to dogs. & should NEVER be used.

  • PINE.

I would also add any essential oil used in large doses are not good for your dog.

NEVER place essential oils straight onto your dog. Let them smell them first from a distance for a couple of days, make sure they are causing no harm. Then use a diffuser or burner, but still monitor your dogs behaviour. This comes from an experience I had with Holly & CITRONELLA OIL for removing paint odours around the home. With in seconds of me putting a few drops on a cloth She was sneezing and a little distressed. As soon as I removed the cloth, she was fine. I gave the oil away to someone without a pet !

I will say this again before trying any home remedies for your beloved dog, ask your vets advice. Each individual dog is different, Just like us humans.

3 Essential Oils & Uses for Dogs

LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL : Only to be used in diffuser, car diffuser or burner. As it does for humans, it can do the same for your dog. It has a calming effect, great for travelling in the car or relaxing your dog in stressful times. It should also help with travel sickness. I recommend you try with 2 drops in a 100ml of water. But remove straight away if you see any changes in your dogs behaviour.

CITRONELLA ESSENTIAL OIL : Useful in burners or diffuser for keeping insects away from your dog during the summer months. This drove my 2 dogs wild ! when they were snoozing during the day, flies would land on them & they’d jump up and try & catch them. I use CITRONELLA in my diffuser to keep the flies away during sunny days, not having to many of them in the UK this summer ! lol. As with LAVENDER 2 drops per 100ml of water.

SPEARMINT ESSENTIAL OILS : This you can only use with advice from your vet. With taken orally. It will help with weight loss & digestive problems. Only 1 drop in a bowl of drinking water. But only short term use.


I will repeat this again always ask your vet before trying any of these essential oils. I would never try anything on my dogs without my vet giving me the all clear to do so. My dog Holly grow up with the smell of lavender in my home. It’s a smell I’ve always used for relaxing, but back then it was a lavender candle I used.

If you would like anymore information about the books or car diffuser, please click on the images.

Thanks for reading if you have any tips or stories of your own please comment below.

For the last time always get advice of your vet before trying anything on your babies, sorry dogs ! lol ( think I was right first time ? ) ha ha.





  1. Paul,
    Thank you for this informative article. I have a dachshund that has undergone major back surgery years ago and now suffers from digestive issues and is on a very strict low fat diet. Of course I would speak with his vet first but is there any other natural products that you could recommend for him? I have heard that Arnica Oil may be used for pets for inflammation, any truth to that?

    1. Hi Lance
      I have read a few articles on Arnica Oil. But when I’ve asked around none of the dog owners I know have heard of it ! My research suggests it’s good at helping with inflammation & bruising. That’s rubbing it into the skin around the affected area, not taken orally. You can also buy pellets for internal conditions, but I haven’t researched them as they are a tablet. The other tablets I had some advice from my vet to use when my first Dog Kimbo Was getting older was cod liver oil.
      When I did some research a few years ago, I could not believe how many health tablets, lotions, creams & medicines there are for pets these days.
      Hope this helps ?

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