Essential Oils for Eczema

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The Symptoms of Eczema

Eczema is a inflammatory skin condition. With no known cure. There are 2 main types of eczema ATOPIC DERMATITIS & CONTACT DERMATITIS. You will need to see a doctor to have a proper diagnosis.Both are not contagious & according to my wife, who is a qualified therapist. Aromatherapy massage with the right essential oils & carrier oil will help sufferers of eczema.

Signs that you may have eczema

  • PAIN
  • RASH

You may not suffer with all of these symptoms & essential oils & carrier oils will only ease the condition.


Currently there is no cure for eczema. Finding a cure would significantly transform the lives of 6 million sufferers in the UK of which 15 to 20% are school children.

1 in 5 children & 1 in 12 adults suffer with eczema.

3 Essential Oils for Eczema

LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL : Contains a anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties, this well help kill bacteria off the skin. It also contains a antifungal to reduce skin infection.

TEA TREE ESSENTIAL OIL : Another essential oil with anti-inflammatory & antibacterial contents. it can also reduce histamine, the substance released by the body whilst having an allergic reaction.

EUCALYPTUS ESSENTIAL OIL : Yet again anti-inflammatory contents, But can also treat dry skin & aid skin recovery.

There are a lot more essential oils that have anti-inflammatory properties that would work just as well as the 3 I have chosen. But I feel these 3 are more effective in the reports & forums I have seen.

3 Carrier Oils for Eczema

SWEET ALMOND  CARRIER OIL : Contains vitamin E this will promote skin cell regeneration.

JOJOBA CARRIER OIL : Helps rehydrate dry skin. It also contains sebum, a product produced by our bodies to lubricate the skin.

OLIVE OIL CARRIER OIL : Contains many vitamins including vitamin E & omega-3 both good for the skin. It will also moisturize skin.

Essential Oil Treatment for Eczema



1 tablespoon any of the carrier oils & 2 to 3 drops any of the essential oils.

Mix together well & apply to the affected areas at least 3 times a day.

Or put about 10 to 20 drops of essential oil into bath water and soak in the bath for 10 to 20 minutes.

These are all adult doses. please check skin for any allergic reaction before trying any of these receipts. You should not use the same amounts on children !


I have done this post because in the last 6  months I have been getting the signs of eczema between my fingers & wrists (red, itching like mad & keeping me awake at night ).I’ve been trying different creams & lotions for the chemists(image on the right ), with no success . I have now started a test on myself on how affective the essential oils are. I will start with Lavender essential oil  & sweet almond carrier oil as I always have lavender essential oil at home & the wife uses sweet almond in her business. Then I will be trying tea tree essential oil with olive oil carrier oil.

I will be updating this post hopefully every month & keep you all informed on which works the best for me.

Update 19/10/2017 It has taken a while. but my hands have now been clear from eczema for 2 weeks.(photo to follow soon).

Please click on images of essential / carrier oils or book for more details & best price.

If you have anything else to add ? Please leave a comment below.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post








  1. Hi paul!
    You wrote a very good article! I think you can help lots of people, who have eczema, with this page. Also you explained the products well, keep ot up!

    Have a great day!

    1. Hi Berend
      Thank you for your kind words. After suffering with it myself for the last 6 months it’s really a shame that there is no cure for eczema.
      The itching drives me mad !
      I will be keeping everyone informed on how the essential oils work over the next few months.
      Today 30/7/2017 I’m going to be doing a PARAFFIN WAX HEATER BATH test on myself with a post & pictures to follow shortly.
      Live Life to the Full

  2. I’ve seen the commercials for the various types of eczema medications, but the side effects seem to outweigh the benefits. Your article highlights other useful and less expensive alternatives. Thanks for posting.

    1. HI James
      Thanks for looking & leaving a positive comment. I have tried most creams, without much success. The essential oils leave my hands feeling much better.
      I’m still experimenting with different oils mixed together at the moment. ( I never stop trying different methods ! ) I will keep you all posted of the results of my new mixtures.
      Stay Fit & Healthy

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