Essential Oils for Hair Loss

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I have been researching and discovering the best essential oils to stop or slow down hair loss.

It has been proven that stress is no friend to your hair, so nearly all these essential oils will help relax you as well as sort other problems :

  • Dandruff control.
  • Stimulate hair growth.
  • Stop itchy scalp.
  • Nourish hair.
  • stop head lice.


ROSEMARY ESSENTIAL OIL : Was first noted as having preservative qualities centuries ago. Herbalists have recommended it for hair care for many years. Saying massaging ROSEMARY ESSENTIAL OIL onto the scalp will prevent premature baldness. It will also help thicken hair & promote hair growth, giving dandruff relief & stop dry scalp a total all round head treatment.


LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL : This has to be the most versatile essential oil of them all ? also my favourite. With it’s ANTIMICROBIAL properties It will soothe the scalp, promotes growth of new cells & a antiseptic . Also one of the best oils for calming & relaxing you, this will take away the stress & that will make your hair more healthy.

LEMONGRASS ESSENTIAL OIL : Is already used added to some soaps, shampoos, conditioners & deodorants to name a few. It is said that it can strengthen hair follicles & stops itchy scalp. Also good for pet fleas !! & as a insect repellent ( read : ). PRECAUTION : Lemongrass can be rather harsh & could irritate sensitive skins. Use a low dosage until you know it’s safe for your skin.


I know I have said three, but I really have to add another one

PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL : This is another one with antiseptic properties, also helps with dandruff & lice. If it doesn’t help your hair at least you will be able to breath easy ! ha ha.


OLIVE OIL CARRIER OIL : Contains vitamin E. It also has ANTIOXIDANTS that will help protect hair follicles. Olive oil also helps with frizzy hair & leaves the hair naturally shiny.

ALMOND CARRIER OIL :   Contains omega-3, phospholipids, magnesium & vitamin E. Great for strengthening & repairing damaged hair. It will also nourish & shin your hair.

COCONUT CARRIER OIL : Promotes a healthy scalp, fighting dandruff & lice. It gets deep into the follicles & that will stimulate hair growth. It’s good for preventing split ends, leaving hair shiny & nourished.


You could mix the rosemary, lavender & lemongrass together ? Add 3 drops of each then massage into the scalp gently for about 15 minutes. After wash hair like normal. or mix any with your normal conditioners adding about 5 drops. or 12 drops of essential oils to 30ml of carrier oil. Just remember do not go out in the sun with any oils on your head !!! You will cook in minutes & I haven’t written the sunburn essential oils post yet ! lol


As I stated above a lot of  shampoo’s, conditioner’s, deodorant’s & soap’s contain some of these essential oils & carrier oils. So why not go back to basics and make your own ? Your own will have less chemicals in them, that must be better for you ?  It  will work out cheaper in the long run.

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  1. Thanks for the info. My father is 51 and has recently started to experience hair loss. I wanted to give him some advice with regards to an easy-to-follow method of fighting it and I think I found it.
    I never considered essential oils as an option but thinking about it now it does make sense.


    1. Thanks for looking at my essential oil for hair loss post. Essential oils & carrier oils are less harmful then some of the products on the market. It can also work out cheaper in the long run. Plus all of these oils smell really nice !
      Let me know how he get’s on ?
      Keep healthy & fit

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