Essential Oils For Headache

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Today I will look at 3 different essential oils that will help with headaches


Peppermint :  is without doubt the best one in my eyes, With it containing menthol it has a soothing, cooling & helps to clear the mind.


Lavender : is the most versatile of all the essential oils & will be featured in a lot of these posts ! it  has anti-inflammatory properties & relaxing aroma .

Roman Chamomile : with it’s calming effect is ideal for headaches. There is also a German variety that has a larger proportion of the anti-inflammatory chemical azulene.

All these oils can be mixed with a base oil and put on the temple forehead and back of the neck. They can also be used in essential oil burners.


  1. Hi Paul,

    I love my essential oils. I have never tried the Roman Chamomile so I will be sure to check that out soon. And I didn’t know Lavender was anti inflammatory. Would be good to use in conjunction with turmeric.

    Thanks for a great post,


    1. Hi Kev
      Thank you for your comments Ginger is also another great anti-inflammatory ! I have fresh ginger with boiling water every evening. Calms the stomach down after it’s days work !

  2. Thanks for the info on Essential Oils For Headaches . I get many headaches caused by tightness in my neck. Massage helps, but I will have to try these essential oils!

    1. Hi Sandra
      Essential oils have so many uses & are all natural products. I love learning about all the health benefits they can give.
      With my wife been a qualified therapist, my body gets looked after well ! lol
      Never give up on your dreams, how ever long it may take.

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