Essential Oils for Insect Bites

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Essential Oils Insect Bites

I would say all of us have been bitten once or twice over our life’s ?

Mine is usually whilst away in Thailand on holiday. & the first time I had all the sprays containing DEET ! I can not stand the smell of the stuff ! & still got bitten Grrrrrrr.

The first time I was there I got bitten on my legs ( skinny white things easy to bite. That’s my legs ! lol ) it drove me mental with the itching !

My wife bought this white chalky looking rock. She said it was some natural thingy or something like that ? well she broke a bit off and added a little water then dotted over the bites, It had no feeling to it, just left a chalky look over the bite. The itching stopped nearly straight away ! This started me thinking what if essential oils could do the same ? & which essential oils would be good as a repellent ?  So when I got home I started searching & experimenting to find the best essential oils for both putting on bites & repelling the little blighters in the first place.

 Best Essential Oils for Insect Bites : 

LAVENDER : It has anti-inflammatory property’s & also smells good !( my favourite essential oil of all time )

PEPPERMINT :   It has that cooling effect that will always help when you have been bitten.

GERMAN CHAMOILE  OR CALENDULA : Both of these essential oils reduce inflammation & encourage healing.

BASIL OR ROSEMARY : Are really good at stopping the irritation caused by the bite.

Any of these essential oils can be used as a combination with a carrier oil. tea tree is also good mixed with any of the above.

If I have been bitten. I start by using a little cider vinegar, Just a little on the end of my finger over the bite mark. This  stings a bit. then with either jojoba, coconut or olive oil mixed with 5 to 10 drops of lavender (depending how much I’m making ) I apply over the bites & it’s as easy as that ! & if you use a sealed  bottle the essential oil mixture will keep over the BRITISH summer ! I’d say way longer seeing we only get about 1 week a year ! lol .I have kept them for between 3 to 4 months.

Essential Oils to Make Insect Repellent  :

Now we have all seen the CITRONELLA candles, burners & oils you can get for outside ?

Well you can also use EUCALYPTUS, (THERAPEUTIC GRADE), CINNAMON, LEMON EUCALYPTUS, GERANIUM & LEMONGRASS. All will work well in burners, Add a little water and about 5 to10 drops, place in the centre of the table.

Or using a little spray bottle, put about 10 drops in with distilled water & use like you would normal repellents.


Essential Oils for Mosquito Bites ?

All the above should help with the biggest enemy of them all. The Dreaded MOSQUITO. but just like all of the over the shelf sprays with DEET in this isn’t a guarantee. But I would rather use natural products over chemicals any day.

If anyone has any other great idea’s please leave me a comment so I can try. or if you try my ideas, let me know which worked best for you ? Remember you have to make sure you have no allergies to essential oils & always buy 100 % essential oils.







  1. I’m afraid I’m one of those people who is allergic to chemicals of all kinds including bleach. I don’t care for the smell of DEET either but I put it on my clothing which works pretty good and I have a screened canopy in my yard which is great for keeping the little pests away.Baking soda and water made up to make a thin paste also works well for taking out the sting. Back when I was growing up we had campo pho nic (this is how you pronounce it) and Bactine both worked well but aren’t easy to find anymore. Wonderful information about essential oils and I can use them in a burner. Thank you

    1. Thank You Deborah.
      I like the baking soda and water method you mention. I hope I don’t have to give it a try ? lol But I will get some baking soda in just in case. I’ve been told today ( after a friend read this post ) That toothpaste also takes the sting out of the bite. That’s another one I will hopefully never have to try !
      With using a burner & essential oils you have a lovely smell around you.
      Keep Healthy

  2. YES! This is a fabulous post. Instead of spraying chemicals onto our skin the information you have provided is a much better option. My last trip to Central America I got bitten pretty badly and I used DEET/OFF like it was going out of style… I met up with a friend after and they had a special bottle from Bali for repellent (made from essential oils and natural ingredients) and it worked way better. ALSO the beautiful smell is a bonus it almost doubles as perfume lol. WAAAAYYY better than any chemical stuff that is so readily available. I think some mosquitos are getting resistant to it over time…

    1. Thank you for the positive comment Andrea. I’m in agreement with you, the little blighters (mosquitos) are getting resistant to the chemical sprays. I seemed to be bitten more often using the chemicals then with essential oils. I will keep searching for more natural bug killers and keep updating this post.
      Keep Healthy

  3. Lavender and Peppermint oil work the best for me whenever I get an incest bite, great post, never really tried the other oils you recommended but might in the future.

    1. Hi Deep.
      Lavender & peppermint are both good choices and work well together. Please let me know if you try the others ? i’d really like some feedback. I will set up a data base and see what comes out the best.
      Wishing you great Health

  4. Thank you for sharing your insight. I always hate putting those chemicals on myself or on my kids. I will have to try some lavender the next time I get a mosquito bite. It is hard to find something that works. I will also look into the essential oils to make my own insect repellent. I would think I could put a couple of drops in a small spray bottle with water in it.

    1. Hi Marsha You will require between 5 to 10 drops depending on how much water you use in the spray bottle ? I use only small amounts of water 5 to 10 ml depending how long I’m going to be out in the bug infested area ! and use about 1 drop per 1ml.
      Let me know how you get on with the sprays ?
      Good health to you

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