Essential Oils for Migraines

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 Best Essential Oils for Migraines

Essential oils are an excellent remedy for many health & wellness issues, including migraines & headaches. If you get migraines, you know how debilitating they can be. The pain. nausea, & sensitivity to light & sound can have you down for the count for the entire day.

You need to feel better fast, but what if you’re sick of using expensive medication with too many side effects to count ? Maybe they don’t work quite as well as they did in the beginning & you find yourself constantly questioning whether or not they’re worth it.

Essential oils are an amazing, all-natural solution to migraine headaches. Oils that have anti-inflammatory properties & relieve stress work best for relieving the pain.

Below is a list of the best essential oils for migraines & different methods of introducing their healing properties into your body.


One of the main benefits of peppermint essential oil is that it is an age old & very popular treatment option for headaches& migraines. It works by relaxing muscles in the area & stimulating blood flow which in turn helps to soothe a headache away. It is especially useful if you have headaches in the morning because peppermint also increases your energy.

HOW TO USE – Put a few drops of peppermint essential oil diluted in almond or coconut oil on your forehead & gently rub it into your skin in circular motions while breathing in the scent.



Lavender is usually the go to essential oil for stress relief & relaxation.

It is a calming, sedative scent which makes it ideal if you have a headache in the evening because it will help you wind down for the night for a better night’s sleep.

HOW TO USE – Apply by rubbing a few drops on your forehead to help you sleep. You should also place a few drops in your diffuser.



Roman chamomile has a soft, friendly scent that can help you sleep well at night & it’s anti-inflammatory properties help to soothe away your migraine.

HOW TO USE – Add a few drops to a favourite tea &/ or place 34 drops in a diffuser of your choice.



Helichrysum is fairly obscure in the United States. However, it has been used widely in several countries, including Italy. Spain, Portugal & Turkey, to treat many medical conditions, including migraines. It’s anti-inflammatory & analgesic properties make it very effective at treating migraines.

HOW TO USE – Apply a few drops to your temple & forehead areas & add 3-4 drops in a diffuser.



Eucalyptus has a strong, energizing scent that is great for breaking through a migraine, especially if it is connected to a sinus infection or head cold.

HOW TO USE – First breathe in the scent. This relieves a headache by clearing the nasal airways & relieving the tension causing pain.

Next, add a few drops to a carrier oil & apply it to the chest area, temples & the back of your neck to keep your sinuses clear.


Are These Scents Effective ?

The results from using essential oils depends on the person. Scents some people find soothing, others may find nauseating. Choosing the best one to treat your migraine is very subjective so it may take some experimentation.

However the five scents listed above are widely used to treat headaches & migraines & there are many showing their effectiveness.


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  1. Interesting read on essential oils. I am new to them and find it very interesting. We are visiting in Egypt and visited a store that produced their own essential oils. What an education!

    Bottom line is, using these oils is so much smarter than having to visit your local pharmacy

    1. Hi Clyde
      I’m like a child in a sweet shop when I find a good shop that supplies essential oils. Always looking for the unusual one’s !!!
      I’m also fascinated in the different balms that are available, & always bring several back from my annual Thailand holiday !
      Thanks for the positive comment.
      Stay fit & healthy

  2. My husband used to have a severe migraine headache very often. He looks fine for a few years, but when he has one, he looks pretty miserable. I know a migraine headache is no joke!
    Using peppermint for a headache or any pain makes sense as I feel the cooling and soothing in effect when I apply this herb. I had never thought about it for a migraine headache, but next time when he has one (I am not hoping it though), I will definitely give it a try.

    1. Hi Kyoko,
      We live in a world were a lot of people are trying to find natural remedies rather then all the drugs with chemicals in them. I keep up with all the research done on essential oils & I’m amazed at the progress over the last few years that has been made.
      Peppermint has so many health benefits I might even do a full blog page on them ?
      Thank you

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