Best Essential Oils for Relaxation & Stress

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Do Essential Oils Help You  Relax & Help Relieve Stress ? 

Research has proven that ESSENTIAL OILS can help with relaxation and reduces stress.

My own research over the last 8 years has been up and down depending on the type of stress I was under. I think it has a lot to do with mental attitude as well as the essential oils. ( my personal opinion ). As well as the essential oils I will list I also listen to some meditation music on YOUTUBE. Search meditation  for stress or sleep both are good with headphones on. find a place you won’t be disturbed, use a BURNER or DIFFUSER add some essential oils and give it a try .I never use them on the skin for this treatment.

Top 3 Essential Oils for Relaxation & Stress Relief

ROSE ESSENTIAL OIL :  Rose Is a stimulant for the mind & can give a feeling of well being. Only use 1 drop. The odour is very strong, The first time I used it on a burner, I put 5 drops on and it was over powering. If you have really bad odours in your home this will clear them !

YLANG YLANG ESSENTIAL OIL :  This essential oil has a calming effect, & helps relaxation. Or as a aphrodisiac ! ( look at my sensual massage page ! ).

LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL : Research has proven that smelling LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL has a calming effect & relaxes the mind & body. I can safely say that I have bought more LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL then any of the others all put together. It is so versatile & is nearly like a miracle drug in essential oils world.


There are lot’s of other essential oils that you can try : BERGAMOT, CEDARWOOD, CHAMOMILE ROMAN, FRANKINSENCE, JASMINE & ORANGE. These are a few of my personal favourites. Apart from LAVENDER ( I use on it’s own) I always blend some of these oils together with the ROSE & YLANG YLANG.

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  1. I have been through a lot this past year and these essential oils look like they will help me loads, I don’t suppose there are oils to keep my children quiet are there?lol
    Thanks for showing me this I am going to try these out

    1. Hi Matthew.
      Funny should ask about essential oils for calming the children ! I’m in the middle of sorting some old papers, I wrote about 5 years ago & one of the subjects was essential oils for children. Again like a lot of my research & tests, Lavender came out on top closely followed by Frankincense. Works best about 1 hour before bed. using a burner, diffuser where supervised or a couple of drops on a handkerchief at side of the bed. At the time I was coaching youngsters competitive swimming and the parents tried it out for me.

  2. Awesome! I am a college tennis player and I got really nervous before a match and stress during the semester. Which one would you actually recommend me? Thank you!

    1. Hi Javiera
      My favourite of all essential oils is Lavender. The Romans used in there Roman baths after battles to help with wounds and stop any infection. But some people (not me ) don’t like the smell of lavender. Hope that’s not you ?
      Hope you go far with your tennis & one day I may see you at Wimbledon ?

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