Essential Oils For Skin

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Pure Essential Oils For Skin

Natural skin care products & remedies are becoming more & more popular in today’s society. Beauty products & skin care products are advertising their use of organic & natural ingredients to promote the change. More & more women prefer these organic & natural ingredients & products because we can see the harmful effects that chemicals can have on our skin, body & appearance. Essential oils are the next great natural skin care product. Essential oils are extracts from plants & herbs that contain the essence, smell & properties of the plant from which they were extracted. In regards to skin care, essential oils are natural, non-greasy oils that tone, rejuvenate & enhance the natural beauty of the skin.

Essential Oils Treat :

  • Acne.
  • Eliminate Scarring.
  • Reduce Blemishes.
  • Smooth Wrinkles.
  • Make Age Marks Disappear.
  • Eradicate Eczema
  • Treat Psoriasis.
  • Help With Inflammation.
  • Prevent Infection.
  • Help With Sunburn.
  • Treat Itchy Skin.

You Can Be Added To :

  • Creams.
  • Lotions.
  • Shampoo.
  • Moisturizers.
  • Carrier Oils

Then all can be applied to the skin.  Use on a daily basis for better results.

Here Is a list of helpful Essential oils for your skin care needs : 

Lavender essential Oil : Lavender is coined the ” Universal Oil ” because of it’s ability to treat almost any skin condition & help any skin type. It is good for almost anything which includes calming, soothing, enhanced mental capability, energy, mood. For skin it has the same soothing effects & heals burns, blemishes, acne, eczema & psoriasis. In addition it promotes growth of new cells & balances the production of sebum to even skin tone.

Tea Tree Essential Oil : Tea tree oil is another wonderful oil because it has great medicinal properties such as antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic & analgesic. Therefore it has the amazing abilities to heal, clean & soothe irritated, inflamed skin conditions. It is fast acting & can clear up acne, blemishes & pimples quickly.

Sandalwood Essential Oil : Sandalwood is an extremely good moisturizing oil that is also good for dehydrated or dry skin. Sandalwood can remove wrinkles, scars & fine lines. It is also an antibacterial & antifungal which can reduce occurrence of acne & skin infections.

Lemon Essential Oil : Lemon oil & other citrus oils are great for clearing up acne fast by removing the excess sebum & oil on the face. It has great healing & restorative qualities especially when applied to skin care. Lemon oil can brighten one’s complexion by removing dead skin cells. However, it can cause skin discolouration when exposed to direct sunlight, therefore it’s imperative to stay out of the sun immediately after applying lemon essential oil.

Clary Sage Essential Oil : Clary Sage is helpful for skin problems that are caused by hormone imbalances such as acne, wrinkles & fine lines. Clary Sage has a similar structure to human hormones therefore it can be used to supplement for imbalanced hormones when exposed into the body. It also acts as an antibacterial & astringent to kill infections & cleanse wounds.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil : Eucalyptus oil is a strong oil that can be used as an antibacterial, antiseptic & anti-parasitic. It cleanses the skin & has been known to reduce skin problems such as acne, eczema & treats burns. It can clear blackheads & blemishes & reduce redness & irritation. Eucalyptus can smooth out uneven skin tones.

Myrrh Essential Oil : Myrrh oil has been used for centuries & in ancient times used in a balm to treat almost any ailment. It has been known to treat chapped skin, wrinkles, rashes, blemishes, eczema & bacteria in the skin.

Patchouli Essential Oil : Patchouli oil is very fragrant & is known to treat all types of skin conditions. It is helpful in healing rashes, scarring, cracked & inflamed skin, acne, dermatitis & eczema. It can be used as a moisturizer to tone & tighten the skin as well s removing wrinkles.


Always do a skin test to make sure you have no reaction to any essential oils. It is also advisable to use a carrier oil or even mix a few drops in natural creams. I have listed only a few of the top essential oils for skin, the page would never end if I did all the essential oils that give your skin health benefits ! Always buy pure or 100% essential oils, I myself would never buy synthetic oils, not even for my diffuser.

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