Essential Oils For Yoga

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Yoga Essential Oils 

Yoga is great for the body, mind & spirit. It can help us to connect more deeply with the world around & within us. Yoga  has been shown to have many health benefits, both physically & mentally. But sometimes, life’s distractions can make a Yoga  lesson challenging. Lots of practice & some essential oils may be helpful in establishing that routine.

We all know Yoga is good for :

  • Increased flexibility
  • better muscle strength
  • helps with weight loss
  • corrects bad posture
  • reduces blood pressure
  • strengthens the spine
  • improved breathing
  • increases blood flow
  • improves balance
  • protects from joint & ligament damage

Why Use Essential Oils Whilst Doing Yoga ?

Essential oils are known to promote the body’s senses & using them whilst doing Yoga will only enhance the full experience of the workout. Helping your breathing, concentrate & calming your body, mind & soul. Making for a feeling of well being.

Ways to use Essential Oils in Yoga & Meditation

To use essential oils in yoga & meditation, you have several options : You can place some oil on yourself (try the third eye). You can create a mist  spray the fragrance in the air, or you can use a diffuser or burner. You might also wear a piece of jewellery ( mala beads or essential oil diffuser jewellery) during classes. You may find a combination of methods work well for you.

Best 5 Essential Oils for Yoga Classes

If you are just beginning to incorporate essential oils into your lessons, or already do so, try out one of these five essential oils in your Yoga or Meditation session.

1. LAVENDER : Excellent for calming the body & the mind. Diffuse during your practice ( or inhale prior to starting ) &/or apply a swipe to your forehead for final resting posture.

2. LEMON : Gently detoxifying, lemon is great to add to water after your practice ( if your oils are consumable). It’s also great for cleansing your yoga mat & the floor/air where you practice ( add 10 drops to a glass or spray bottle & top up with water).

3. FRANKINCENSE : The King of oils. Excellent for applying topically to your wrists prior to practice or diffusing. One of the spiritual oils, it helps encourage the flow of energy.

4. PEPPERMINT : Inhale prior to your practice to open the airway & draw attention to your breath. Dilute & apply to your chest for cooling & more breath awareness.

5. TEA TREE / MELALEUCA : Add to a spray bottle with water (like the lemon) to clear your yoga mat & the space around you. Also, apply to the forehead prior to practice. Tea tree is alleged to be the oil of energetic boundaries !



Yoga & Meditation have become very popular over the last few years. All age’s are taking it up as away of slowing the body & mind down after the hectic pace the world moves at these days.

People are also seeing the real benefits that essential oils can offer. Using Oils whilst Meditating or doing Yoga will only get more & more popular.

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