Best Essential Oils to Help You Sleep

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Will Essential Oils Help You Sleep ?

I have looked at different methods over the last 8 years, that Essential oils help with sleep, We know that stress is a

essential oils to help you sleep

main factor in not falling to sleep easy. Here are some of the methods I have found and tried. Adding a few drops into bath water before bedtime, Putting a drop on your pillow,  mixing with herbal drinks. But I found the  best way for me is to use a burner or diffuser . I decided to write about essential oils & sleep after a good friend of mine, who is a clinical hypnotherapist mailed me 2 cds to help with sleep meditation , using his cd and the essential oils in the burner, I was able to be totally relaxed in less then 10 minutes.

Best 3 Essential Oils to Help You Sleep

NUMBER 1 AGAIN ! LAVENDER : Has been long known to help with insomnia, it has a calming effect that will induce sleep. I Think Lavender essential oil has to be the most widely used essential oil of them all ? ( nearly everything I have looked up over the years lavender is always on the list. I will do a full section on LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL).

BERGAMOT : Is used to treat depression & anxiety, the essential oil is derived from the fresh rip peel of the bergamot orange.  The scent  is so relaxing, This will really help you sleep.

FRANKINCENSE  :  Can be used to slow & regulate breathing, It has calming property’s that make it good as a nerve tonic, & also a useful aid for meditation. With all these factors it had to be in my top 3 to help you sleep.


Using a diffuser or burner add between 5 to 10 drops of the essential oil of your choice ( or try all 3 over 3 nights ? see what works best for you ). Place in the bedroom about 15 minutes before going to bed. Take a few deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth ( just like meditation ! ). As well as my friends cd. I sometimes search sleep meditation on youtube, you will find some that are 1 hour long to some that are 8 hours long.

Please click on the images for more information on the products.

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  1. These are great tips Paul. I’ve been occasionally using sleeping pills, and they are so unhealthy for you. I’m glad to discover that there are natural alternatives 🙂

    1. Hi Ben
      Sleeping pills can be very addictive ! always best to find natural products. Have you tried youtube meditation to help you sleep ? there is a lot of different one’s you can try listening to.
      I have used them in the past, But I now have a couple of cds a friend of mine who is a clinical hypnotist has done to help with sleep.

  2. I really can’t sleep well for the past month and I think it is due to the stress. I tried many things nut I haven’t tried essential oils and I really liked the features of FRANKINCENSE. I will probably get it. I really hope that will help.

    1. Hi Furkan
      Frankincense essential oil is a good choice. Try and find a quite place to sit and relax. Have you tried youtube Meditation for sleep ? They are really good at helping you drift away for a little while.

  3. Nice product review. Is product safe for long terms use? After a lot of activity during the day, I think is good to have a quality sleep. So our body can be refresh. I think the lavender scent is a great choice right?

    1. HI Henryan
      Essential oils are natural products & as such should be safe to use on burners or diffusers. But if you are putting them on the skin, I would advice to try say on the back of your hand with a little drop, Just to be sure you have no reaction to them.
      You can not go wrong with lavender essential oil, it has so many uses, As you will see the more posts I do.

  4. Hi Paul,
    I totally agree with you. I do not use any essential oil in my bedroom, but I do use them in my living room at night. The one that I usually put into the diffuser is Lavender essential oil and I can say that it is really relaxing. So being relaxed before bedtime does eventually lead to a better sleep! I haven’t tried Bergamot or Frankincense though.

    1. Hi Alex
      I think lavender essential oils has the most versatility of all the oils ? nearly everything I’ve done research in to lavender appears on the lists.
      Thanks for the feedback

  5. Thanks for the recommendations Paul. This is very helpful specially to those pills dependants. Myself is having problems with sleeping too. And yes you are right that it is likely caused by stress. Whatever age bracket you are in, everyone has their own level of stress and depression. Its always good to know some alternative ways to have a good sleep, rest the body and rest the mind.

    1. Hi Lissa
      Glad it was helpful for you. The more natural products that can be found to help people the better in my eyes.
      We all need a good nights sleep to help us cope through the day.
      Keep fit & healthy

  6. Hi Paul

    This is great information, thankyou for sharing.
    I have trouble sleeping and it’s useful to know about these oils, I will certainly give them a try!

  7. Hi Paul, thanks for the great info. I have a humidifier in the bedroom and a diffuser in my living room but I was wondering whether I should switch them around. My son has problems sleeping at night even with the humidifier so maybe the essential oils will help. We have lavender and lemon grass at the moment. I hope you achieve your dream of moving to Thailand. It’s a great place and right on my doorstep (Malaysia).

    1. Hi Craig
      I would swap them round, about 1 hour before he goes to bed turn the diffuser on.
      Both lavender & lemongrass will work. But lavender is my favourite and has so many uses.
      How’s the weather been in Malaysia ? Northern Thailand are having a lot of floods ! 11 provinces are in real trouble with flood water.( I like to keep an eye on what’ happening in Thailand. Never reported on UK news. )
      Hope your son sleeps well
      Thank you
      Keep healthy & fit In the sunshine

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