Fish Pedicure / Fish Spa

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What is a Fish Pedicure , Fish Spa ?

I would say nearly everyone would have seen or heard of fish pedicure / fish spa ? This is where you normally place your feet in in a glass fish tank containing little fish. The fish then slowly start to come around your feet & nibble away at the dead skin on the feet.

The fish that are normally used are Garra Rufa the Red Garra.  Other names they can be called include Doctor Fish, Kangal Fish, Bonefish or Nibble Fish. They are found in Anatolia &  Northern & Central Middle East. They have been used since the early 21st century as a pedicure treatment.

Health Benefits from Fish Pedicure

  • Exfoliates the hard, dead skin on the feet.
  • Soften the skin on the feet, making them feel smoother.
  • Can help with warts, calluses & psoriasis. But will not cure psoriasis.
  • Tickle the feet making you laugh & feel happier.

Risks from Fish Pedicure

  • In several States In the United States & Canada, this practice as a pedicure is banned.
  • Risk from passing skin conditions from one customer to another. Only way for this not to happen is to change the water between customers.
  • In the United Kingdom the NHS did a report on the risks of fish pedicure. There findings said it is a very low risk practice. if  you would like to read the report press here :


As you can see from the pictures, I have tried this out. On my first trip to Thailand in 2010 we went into a Tesco’s Lotus & just through the main door was a corridor, with little stalls & at the end was the fish spa. I just had to try it out, & with it been 100baht ( about £2 ) for 30 minutes, it was a bargain.

You are told to lower your feet in slowly & keep them off the side & bottom of the tank. The fish didn’t take long before they started swimming around my feet, even in between my toes, now that was the hard bit ! not squashing them between the toes when they tickled ! All I wanted to do was grip my toes together. Then you get use to them nibbling & been all over your feet. There is no feeling of them pulling the skin or any pain. It’s very relaxing sitting watching the fish swimming around your feet.

After the 30 minutes you gently lift your feet out & place them on a towel at the side. the shop assistant then dry’s them for you. My feet had a lot of hard skin on the heel before I tried this, after they where smooth & soft, Yes I know been in water 30 minutes makes them soft anyway, But I could definitely see & feel a difference from before I had the treatment.

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