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Attention Massage Fans

To Have Or Not To Have A Foot Massage ?

Who doesn’t like getting a massage ? &, further more, who doesn’t enjoy a foot massage ? Ok maybe not everyone since there is that handful with inexplicable problem of disproportionately ticklish feet, but, barring that population, a massage for feet, I dare say, is probably even better than a back massage. This may be because feet are one of the most neglected parts of our bodies & usually do not have the privilege of being caressed by the ever adored hands.


Is Foot Massage a Fetish ?

With regrets to the question of foot massage being a fetish, I can offer this answer. Just because one may appreciate or like something, it does not warrant them a fetishist. The foot fetish is a much more complex & involved issues that can be dealt with only in it’s own terms. So massaging feet can most definitely be part of a foot fetishist’s repertoire but, indulging in & enjoying your feet getting rubbed does not necessarily equate to having a fetish.

Massage for feet fall in the category of caring or intimacy. They are for pleasure, pain relief & relaxation, & also quite often, a form of foreplay or just good old quality time with your partner. Anyone can give a foot massage without having a foot fetish. Foot massages do not even need a second party to materialize, with all the fancy gadgets & gizmos available on the market. Foot spas are a great way to get a foot massage in the comfort of your own company doing whatever you love to do whether that means reading, writing, knitting or just watching a movie.

The Real Deal

Now, when it comes to the real thing, a foot massage can be a good way to relax, especially if you have been on your feet all day. A foot massage is neither a fetish or reflexology ! Reflexologist works on parts of the foot that are linked to the organs in the body. Read my page on reflexology : ( ). Foot massage is like aromatherapy massage & usually the therapist will work on the calf muscles as well, making for a pleasant experience.


This is the best massage to have after walking around shops, stalls & temples in the  blistering heat in Thailand all day. picture right is me after one of these days !  Just 30 minutes really refreshes the feet & calfs ready for the nextevening walk. With been seated, these are everywhere in Thailand, & from my experience, always busy ! Tourists love to have there feet pampered, even if it is only 15 to 30 minutes.

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