Ginger Essential Oil

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Ginger Essential Oil Benefits

Ginger is native to a host of different nations, including India, China, Africa & the west Indies. Potent & exotic, the very essence of ginger is captured in essential oil form through a process known as steam distillation.

Steam distillation uses a still (much like the kind you’d associate with manufacture of moonshine) full of the organic material, in this case ginger root. Then hot steam is forced over the material & releasing the essential oils for harvest. It’s a bit more complicated than that, but that’s the essence of steam distillation in a nutshell.

While there is a great deal of legend & folklore associated with ginger, in modern aromatherapy, it is prized for three primary reasons, as a natural libido booster, as a digestive aid & as an effective nausea fighter.

Ginger to Lift a Lagging Libido

Ginger has been employed as a sexual stimulant for centuries, perhaps because the uses of ginger are so versatile. Ginger can be added to the diet, or ginger essential oil can offer all of the aromatherapy benefits, it can be consumed in teas & drinks & much, much more.

In various trials & studies, ginger has been shown to increase blood flow, a essential element to a boosted libido.

Ginger as a Digestive Aid

Even WebMD acknowledges that ginger’s digestive powers are more than mere folklore. There is a growing amount of scientific evidence that ginger can aid in both digestion & saliva production & flow.

There have also been a combination of lab & animal studies that suggest ginger can lower blood sugar & cholesterol levels as well. However, when taken in a dietary form, ginger can cause gas, heartburn, a slightly upset stomach & irritation of the mouth. Because of these potential side effects, it’s a good idea to introduce ginger into your diet slowly & incrementally to avoid potential discomfort.

Ginger to fight Nausea

Studies have systematically shown support that ginger can fight off nausea & vomiting, especially the nausea & vomiting associated with pregnancy & morning sickness. However, there is some concern in the medical community that ginger could lead to potential pregnancy risks, so medical advice should be approved before adopting a do-it-yourself approach.

As an added bonus, ginger is an effective hangover remedy. As it’s nearly Christmas & the New Year, it might pay to have some handy ! But don’t think you will get away with driving after taking it, it will clear your head but won’t stop you failing the breath test.


Ginger has so many health benefits that the list is increasing every time I check. My wife buys ginger & makes tea for her customers as well as at home. All the customers comment how nice it is. try it for yourself, slice some fresh ginger & put in cup & add boiling water.

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