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MassageMaster HOT STONE MASSAGE KIT: 27 Basalt Stones + 6.5 Quart Heater

This is a great product. We have owned one for over 4 years and it’s still like new. With this set you have all the stones you’ll ever need. They are smooth & comfortable in the hand.  The heater doesn’t take long to get to the right temperature. Really easy to clean after using.   I have searched the internet and Amazon are still selling at the best price.£64.99.


Top 14 Luxury Aromatherapy Essential Oils Set (10ml), Free Downloadable Recipe Book,100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Oil

As a first set these I would say are the best around 100% essential oils & with a free downloadable book. Bargain !

Amazon Have lots of pure essential oils to pick from. Click on the picture and then search ESSENTIAL OILS . This product has a 5 star rating from 573 customers They were selling for £55 but have a 69% saving down to £24.99 !





H-ROOT 3 Section Lightweight Portable Massage Table Couch Bed Plinth Therapy Tattoo Salon Reiki Healing Swedish Massage 13.5KG(Black)

I have had one of these Massage Tables for over 5 years now. (Mine doesn’t have the bit under the face hole, That’s new since I bought one ! ) . I wouldn’t say they are that light ? but because of this it is very sturdy ! The wood is strong enough to hold me 12 1/2 stone & long enough for my 6ft frame. It’s comfortable to lay on for 2 hours massage. The material is still as good as the day I bought it. The arm rest and face hole all work like they should do & it so easy to store away when not in use. Check them out on Amazon. They are very competitively priced £79.99


Coolplay Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat, Deep Kneading Massage/Relax for Relieving Neck, Shoulder, Back and Muscle Pain – Black

I bought one of these last year. They are not as good as a real massage, but after a hard days work they work to relax the neck, back & shoulders. And with a 5star rating from 27 reviews. plus £6 off ! going for £28.99



Wooden Health Reflexology Traditional Hook Tools Wooden Stick Thai Massage Shoulder Back

I never use this tool, but my wife uses one nearly every evening after a day massaging other people ! she says they are good for working on areas on the back you can’t reach yourself, & also helps break down knots on her shoulders.

She says she’s owned it now for over 12 years ( before I met her ). and looking at it you would not believe it ! Still looks like new.

I have seen cheaper versions in the UK &, but after feeling them the quality is no way as good as this one & probably won’t last long at all.

It’s sold on AMAZON by the INDY THAI SHOP

No reviews ( my wife won’t write one ! ) Sold at £14.45


 Set 6 Pcs. Reflexology Traditional Thai Massage Wooden Stick Tool Hand Head Foot Face Body Massage Tool Massager Red Wood 

Now we have owned a set of these weapons for over 4 years!  sorry, I mean massage hand tools. Ha Ha.

Great for giving a deep tissue massage in the right hands !

Truthfully I hate these been put between my toes ! I can’t even wear flip flops that have the strap between the toes. I’m ok on the bottom of my feet and hands and around the shoulders.

Made out of red wood makes them very strong.

They are laid in a wooden bowl at my wife’s business & look rather good as ornaments (only joking about the ornaments)

They have 20 reviews on AMAZON scoring 4.8 stars.

Priced at only £10.96 the only place I’ve seen them cheaper was Thailand ! But I bet it’s not red wood ?



Thai Massage Balms *Wat Pho Temple* Healing GREEN,RED & YELLOW Herbal 100g XXL Jars *All Natural Product*

I never seem to bring enough of these balms home from Thailand ! After carrying them around on my holiday, then packing in suitcase, Making sure they are packed safe ! I then discover I can buy them from AMAZON . Brilliant ! Yes they are cheaper in Thailand, But Buying them from AMAZON is much easier, delivered to your door. & trust me, they are exactly the same.

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