Hot Stone Massage

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Brief History Hot Stones Massage

It is believed & written that stones were heated and placed over internal organs over 2000 years ago in China. It is also believed that the Indians used hot stones over 5000 years ago ! But modern hot stone massage didn’t start until the mid 90’s.

The stone are Basalt, Usually from rivers where they have been smoothed from rubbing together with the movement of the water. They are rich in Iron and holds heat, this is what makes them good for hot stone massage.

Benefits from Hot Stone Massage

The heat from the stones been rubbed across the muscles enlarge blood vessels, adding in better blood flow. They are also good for chronic pain, with heat penetrating deep into the muscle also help reduce stress & leaves you feeling deeply relaxed.

Hot Stone Massage Techniques

I have put  techniques because I have had it done 2 ways ! And some have used Essential Oils & others have used JOJOBO OIL . They use jojobo oil because the stones are Porous Essential oils will be left in the stones and anyone who may have a allergy, could have a allergic  reaction to them. But I don’t have this problem !

The one I’ve had the most You start face down with towel covering you. The therapist starts on the back, first rubbing essential oils onto your back, neck & shoulders. Then using similar movements to Swedish massage, but with the use of hot basalt stones  move the stones around  back & shoulders, as the stones cool they are placed in specific place on the spine & a medium sized stone is placed in each palm. Then the towel is placed over your back and they start working on legs, rubbing essential oil in, working from foot to calf & thigh, leaving small stones between the toes, to help the energy flow in the body. Doing one leg at a time. Also changing stones In your palms as they cool.

Then the therapist start on the arms, from top of the arm, down the forearm to the fingers. (this I find really relaxing)

After they have finished the arms all stones are removed and you are asked to turn over onto your front, The therapist holds up the towel,  so you keep your dignity and lays it over you again.

Usually I have a hot flannel rolled up & placed over my eyes and 4 small stones placed around the face. one on each cheek, one on the forehead and one on the chin. plus one in each palm and little ones in the toes again.

The therapist then gets to work on the front of each leg, rubbing essential oil in first and doing long strokes with the stones up each leg. Bliss ! Front of the arms are next, Essential oil first then hot stones around the hand and fingers finishing at the top of the shoulder. The shoulders and neck are next. You can feel the heat from the stone penetrating as they work them under your shoulders. For me the hot stones really make it relaxing, the heat that is released into the muscle is so soothing. Something I found out today ! The stones temperature is between 130-145 degrees. That’s rather HOT !!

The second way I have had hot stone massage is very similar. But I was face up to start with, stones were placed along my spine rapped in a towel and I laid on them. Everything else was the same.

My own personal opinion is it did not matter which way up I started the end result was the same. total relaxation. Chilled to the maximum !!!

This massage is great on the long winter months !

Health benefits of Hot Stone Massage

    • Release stored tension
    • Recharge energy levels
    • Boost circulation
    • Relaxing
    • Help with muscular pain
    • Great for back pain
    • Stress
    • Insomnia
    • Depression

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