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Imagine combining the powerful healing qualities of hypnosis & the therapeutic health benefits of massage therapy ! Hypnomassage utilises the natural trance already elicited by massage to deepen relaxation on a mental & physical level.

Hypnosis puts your mind into an alpha state. When in this state your muscles respond more readily to massage & the benefits last longer. The Hypnomassage allows a state of enhanced relaxation in which deeper parts of your mind become more reachable. Hypnosis utilises this deeper part, or subconscious mind, to allow you to relax your muscles in a deeper way too. It can be used to direct additional blood flow to injured areas if needed.

Sometimes old injuries may have locked trauma into the muscle memory of the body, which can prevent healing. Hypnosis, combined with the already powerful energetic shifts available with Kahuna massage (Hawaiian style massage ), can help to clear this emotional trauma & speed healing.

Some Hypnomassage clients have cleansed themselves of emotional trauma, shed tears & felt physically & emotionally lighter. Every experience will be different.

It is truly a mind & body experience.

Hypnomassage Helps

During Hypnomassage ideas can be taken into deep level of your mind to help you go where you want to go. Past clients of Hypnomassage have used it to deepen relaxation, form positive habits, align with performance goals, deal with grief & lose, manage pain, develop clear & helpful thoughts & to manage stress & anxiety.

In addition to the power of touch in massage therapy, Hypnomassage can also use guided visualization, inviting the mind to participate in the process. During the massage as you enter a highly relaxed state of trance positive & healing suggestions can be given. Combined with the affirming touch of massage, guided visualization during the massage therapy can significantly benefit the healing process. Having said this each massage will be tailored to the individual. Some people will have all the words spoken that they need to hear in the hypnosis session before massage, & some will be spoken during the massage.

When muscles are overworked, waste products such as lactic acid can accumulate in the muscle, causing soreness or stiffness. Massage improves circulation, which in turn increases blood flow to bring fresh oxygen to the cells of the body. This can help eliminate waste products, improve healing after injury, & aid recovery from disease. Hypnomassage combines with this to truly bring the body & mind into a healing place. It can help increase general health or increase self confidence. It can also improve function of the circulatory & immune systems to benefit blood pressure, circulation, muscle tone, digestion, & skin tone. The more relaxed you are before the hands touch your body, the greater the benefits of the massage.

What Happens During HypnoMassage ?

During the massage you may be spoken to hypnotically, or you may be asked questions, or the therapist may have decided that you just need to receive the physical touch after your relaxing hypnosis session beforehand. This will depend on the work being done, on the part of the body being worked with, & whether the massage is a relaxation massage primarily or being done as part of the therapeutic Hypnomassage treatment. It can be unique to fit in with what you most need.


The relaxation & relaxation plus massage are great opportunity to experience hypnosis with a professional for a fraction of the usual cost, & then follow it up immediately with a beautiful massage ! The therapeutic combination is designed to allow the full effect of Hypnotherapy & Kahuna to assist you to integrate & shift the changes in your body. As with hypnotherapy it is recommended to do 3 sessions for maximum effect.

You could also have a normal aromatherapy massage As well as Hypnotherapy. A few places are now opening up offering this therapy.

This therapy is so new AMAZON haven’t got any products relating to it ! Not even a book !
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  1. Interesting article. I would like to try that form of massage. I will see if it’s available In Alberta Canada. I will watch for it. Sounds like a great business opportunity Thank you

    1. Hi Bill
      It’s relatively a new practice. I have a good friend who’s a hypnotist & he thinks it would work really good on the body & mind having both.
      I Will have to get him to teach my massage therapist wife some hypnosis.
      Let me know if you find somewhere & how it goes

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