Kahuna Massage

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Kahuna Hawaiian Massage.

Kahuna Hawaiian massage is the lushest of massages & was performed by the high priests in the ancient temples of Hawaii.

This massage was often received on special ceremonial days by Hawaiian Royalty.

There are few different types of Kahuna, & until recently it was only passed down verbally from one generation to the next generation.

Kahuna Techniques

The foot work for this massage comes from a dance based on the frigate bird.

Kahuna Massage

This bird is a large sea bird known for it’s amazing endurance & stamina. It flies off in the morning & continues flying all day feeding on the ocean before returning to land at nightfall.

Kahuna therapist are trained in this dance, often called “flying” before they start to learn the massage style as this provides the footwork needed to do the massage. It is also a good way to relax.

This style Hawaiian massage also has deep philosophy behind it. A favourite is Aloha which means to love is to be happy with. There are many others including ike the world is what you think it is, Kala there are no limits & Makia, energy goes where energy flows.

Kahuna massage is a deep & rhythmical massage that utilises all the senses. The rhythm is relaxing & works gently but deeply into the muscles. Kahuna massage is known for it’s long continuous strokes that massage both sides of the body in one continuous movement.

The Kahuna therapist uses the forearm, fingers, heel & palm of the hand in long, flowing movements over your body which is deep relaxing. These massage therapists often use a lot more oil than other styles of massage & this style demands a lot of energy & focus from the therapist.

Kahuna is no Ordinary Massage

Imagine a massage where your therapist dances & glides around the table, using mainly their arms & forearms to provide deep, effective muscle relaxation that takes you to a truly blissful state.

What makes Kahuna massage so beautiful to receive is the intention, focus & deep caring nature of the therapist. Rhythmic & heart centred, it can only be explained as  deep state of unconditional love & compassion, designed to encourage a holistic natural healing state of the body, the ‘aloha’ spirit that is sacred to the people of Hawaii. Through the balance of body, mind & spirit you are able to let go of withheld pain in a gentle, loving way.

Benefits of Kahuna Massage :

  • Stimulates the lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory & digestive systems.
  • Stimulates natural endorphins, reducing stress, depression & tiredness.
  • creates a sense of deep connection between you & your baby.
  • Gives great relief to pregnancy backache.
  • Is stimulating & uplifting to the soul.


This is an all round massage & watching it done, never mind having it done ! is amazing.

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