Lavender Essential Oil

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What is Lavender Essential Oil ?

Lavender essential oils are derived from a natural plant known as lavender. These oils provide it’s users a lot of health benefits. However, not all people are aware of the health advantages this plant offers. In this article we will discuss each of the health benefits this essential oil offers.

Benefits of Lavender Essential Oils

Lavender essential oils have a very soothing scent & that scent has a relaxing effect to the human being. That is the reason why this specific oil is widely used in aromatherapy. Because it has a soothing & relaxing effect it allows an individual to have uninterrupted & deep sleep which is very advantageous & enables an individual to recharge energy.

Home Remedies of Lavender Essential Oils

This organic-essential oil also has analgesic properties & that is why it is used as a pain reliever & in doing massage this oil is used to help a person relieve muscle pain. It also has diuretic properties. That is why it is also used by individuals who have difficulty in urinating. doctors recommend this to their patients because it is natural & a safe way to induce urine production & excretion. It can also help relieve inflammation & can help balance hormones.

You can also dilute a few drops of lavender oil then boil it & then use the vapour to relieve respiratory problems such as flu, cough, cold & the like.

It is also an antiseptic & antifungal property that is why it is also used to treat fungal skin infections, burns, acne, skin conditions & inflamed skin. Although not very common many therapist use this natural oil to help relieve patients who have problems with their digestive system. The main reason behind is due to the fact that this oil is able to normalize & regulate the production of different hormones & that is why it also has the ability to normalize the production of bile which is a very important digestive hormone. It can also help relieve other digestive problems including vomiting, diarrhea, indigestion & many more.

Lavender Essential Oils for the Hair

If you have a problems with your hair from being dry, then make use of this natural oil, it can moisturize your hair & prevent lice from growing. These are only a few of the many advantages Lavender Essential Oils offer. What is great about this oil is that it is 100% natural & does not cost that much. Lavender essential oil has so much to offer you, it’s worth buying a little bottle & trying it out for yourself.


The list of benefits that Lavender essential oils can give increase by the day. I have only listed a sample of them. It has to be one of the most versatile of all the essential oils around today ? My home is never without a bottle of this most versatile essential oil, I quite often use lavender in the diffuser, the aroma helps me unwind after a hard days work.

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Thanks for reading if you have any home remedies with lavender of your own, please chare in the comments below.


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