Massage & Essential Oils for Eye Bags

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Best Massage &  Essential Oils to Help With Eye Bags

With it been the Christmas period & lot’s of late nights & busy days, It’s going to be a hard time on the body & especially your eyes.

Puffiness under the eyes is what is commonly referred to as eye bags. Age is one of the contributors to this condition because the skin tissues in the area sag & weaken then accumulate fluid giving them that swollen appearance. Apart from age, lack of enough sleep. sleeping with the face down, smoking, eczema, allergies & water retention are some of the other factors that aggravate the condition. It can also be hereditary.

The puffiness is usually not painful & does not indicate a serious condition, but it can be unsightly. If you are not comfortable with the appearance, there are essential oils that can help you reduce the puffiness so you have a more beautiful look.

Lavender Essential Oil

A drop of this natural essential oil can be mixed with a drop of lemon oil & a teaspoon of distilled water. You can then use the solution to massage the area under your eyes right before you go to bed. After applying, ensure that you have a good head support by using comfortable supportive pillows.

Chamomile Essential Oil

This oil is also a great remedy for shrinking the tissues, thus getting rid of the puffiness. Chamomile also has  anti-inflammatory & anti-irritant properties that help in reducing the swelling. You can use the oil together with witch hazel which has tightening effects & is an astringent. Mix two drops of chamomile oil with two ounces of witch hazel, let the solution chill inside the refrigerator. You can then use cotton balls to swab the cold mixture under the eyes to shrink the tissues.

Almond Essential Oil

This oil has helpful emollient properties that will improve the appearance of the eye bags. These properties work by balancing water loss from the body & also relieve skin inflammation & irritation. You simply can massage the pure oil under the eyes every day for at least two weeks to see incredible changes to the puffiness.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary essential oil has anti-inflammatory agents rosmarinic acid & cafes acid, which rejuvenates the skin & acts as a mild diuretic reducing the under eye swelling. The oil also helps the eye bags by strengthening capillaries & reducing inflammation. Three drops of rosemary essential oil can be mixed with a tablespoon of Shea butter & then massaged beneath the eyes. It is best to use circular massage motions using fingertips.

When using essential oils to reduce under eye puffiness or eye bags, you should ensure that you do not go out in the sun after applying lemon oil. This is because the oil is photo-toxic. Also important to remember before using any of the essential oils is to do a skin test. You can apply a small amount of the oil your are about to use on the inner side of the elbow & let it stay for 24 hours. This way, you will get to know whether you are allergic to the ingredients in the oils, before going ahead  & using the oils safely. Also be very careful not to get any in the eye, wash the eye out with clean water if you have an accident.


All of the essential oils above will help with eye bags but if you would like to try a massage technique, then watch the video below :

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