Massage for Babies

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Baby Massage

Massage is very helpful for the healthy development of bones of your baby. It also strengthens the bonds between you & your baby. Pediatric research has shown that babies born prematurely make much quicker progress when given regular massage.

The best time to massage your baby is just after his or her bath when he or she is not feeling hungry or irritable. Make sure the room is nice & warm & perhaps perfume it gently with a vaporizer & one of the relaxing aromatherapy oils.

You will find it easiest to work sitting on the floor, legs outstretched with the baby lying on your legs. This means he or she is reassured by the warmth of your skin. Make sure you feel comfortable before you start & if necessary, prop yourself up with a couple of cushions.

You need to remove any jewellery & warm your hands & the oil prior to massage. Use a blend of 4fl oz (100ml) of sweet almond oil to which you  have added two drops of any of the following essential oils – CHAMOMILE, LAVENDER, or NEROLI. Now you are ready to begin.

Baby Massage Step by Step 

    • Start with your baby lying against your legs on his or her back so he or she can look up at you.
    • Stroke gently down his  arms then his legs, repeating each movement five or six times.
    • Circle round his tummy using the flat of your hand in an anti clockwise direction ( this is very calming).

  • Stretch out his toes one by one then gently rub over the soles of his feet using your thumb.
  • Uncurl his fingers then gently move each one clockwise then anti clockwise. Now rub over the palms of his hands with your thumb.

Turn your baby over to lie on his tummy against your legs

  • Gently rub a little oil into his back, bottom, legs & feet using long light strokes.
  • stroke down his back giving a little squeeze at the buttocks. Repeat five to six times.
  • Gently stroke round his shoulders down his arms & off at his hands.
  • Gently stroke down his legs several times. Each time finish by giving his legs a little stretch by pulling gently at the ankles.
  • Finish by stroking gently down his back & legs in one movement. Repeat, getting lighter with each stroke, until your hand just glides over your baby without actually touching him.

Gently turn your baby on to his back so he can see you again.

  • gently stroke  a little oil ( the surplus on your hands should be enough) on to his face. lightly stroke up his forehead several times.
  • With your thumbs stroke across his cheeks then down his nose & chin. Do each movement several times.
  • Gently squeeze & rub his ear lobes between your fingers & thumb.
  • Finish off with a connecting stroke. With one hand cradling your baby’s head, stroke gently down his body with the other & bring it to rest on top of his feet. Hold this position ( one hand on the head, the other on the feet) for a count of ten. Gently release & lift of your hands.


You will probably find your little bundle of fun will fall to sleep doing this massage, you could always sit lightly rubbing the temples whilst watching them sleep.

These times with your baby will be good bonding times & as a dad myself,  you can never have enough of times like this & can look back with fond memories when they grow up !

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  1. I never heard of baby getting massages and it being healthy for their growth. Thanks for this information as this sounds like a good thing for parents to do.

    1. Hi Max
      The massage helps because of touch, the main thing that helps you too bond with your baby, & whilst doing the massage you talk gently, this in turn relaxes them. Which is healthy for babies & adults alike.
      Stay Fit & Healthy

  2. Very interesting info. I am from Mexico and there are a lot of old habits that our grandmothers tried to teach us on this modern age. One of them is when a baby eats something that is not prepare yet, some of that food can stick on his/her bowels, and this can provoque diarrhea. This is called “empacho”. Some doctors believe in this and some others don´t. I am a father and my 3 kids got this when they where babies, and the way to solve this is to take them to a person that makes a message to the babies, but not like the one you just described. She will apply some oil to the baby´s tummy, then turn him/her around and gently grab the back skin and start pulling him/her up until the body is on the air. And the most incredible thing is that it really works.

    1. Hi Ruben
      I will have to look what you have described up on the internet. I find what we call in the UK ‘old wife tales’ & ‘Home remedies’ really interesting.
      Some over the years have been proven to work. Like “empacho” that you have shared with me.
      If you have any others please leave me a message & I would love to research them.
      Thanks for teaching me something new

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