Massage For Flatter Belly

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How To Perform Self Abdominal Massage

Massage is extremely beneficial for the body & therapeutic for the mind. Massaging the legs after a run gets lactic acid moving to reduce soreness, Massaging stiff shoulders & neck helps reduce tension. Massaging the abdomen offers a dual action approach to supporting digestion. Since digestive problems can be the result of stress, relieving stress can encourage healthy intestinal function. Additionally, abdominal massages can help stimulate the muscles & organs required to produce a bowel movement. If constipation or indigestion is a problem in your life & you’re interested in a completely natural & chemical-free mode of therapy that you can do yourself, give abdominal massage a try.

Abdominal Massage : How-to

Unlike some other forms of massage, abdominal massage is easy to self perform. Various techniques exist, but there are two I typically suggest for those just starting :

  • Start below your sternum, with one whole hand, move down your abdomen with a downward stroke & follow with the other hand. Cycle one hand over the other & continuously repeat the motion in a backwards bike-pedalling motion. This will encourage the movement of waste down  into your bowels.

  • Use your fingertips & massage in small circular motions. Move from the sides of your abdomen inwards & downwards. Go progressively deeper with your fingertips but always keep it comfortable.


When you’re first starting abdominal massage, proceed slowly & gently. If you find some tender areas, lighten your pressure. Lying down & sitting up are both effective but most beginners experience the best results when lying down on the floor or on a bed. After you feel comfortable performing the techniques lying down, do them while sitting up straight on a stool.

3 Tips For Effective Abdominal Massage

  • Massage helps to dislodge & stir up toxins. It’s always advisable to up your water intake when participating in massage therapy. This helps flush away toxins.
  • When you perform the techniques while lying down, alternate moving your knees to the right & left sides.
  • Consistency is key. Aim for two twenty minute sessions everyday. Most people report noticeable improvements within one to two weeks of maintaining a regular abdominal massage protocol.

Has Abdominal Massage Worked For You ?

Do you massage your abdomen to support digestion & regular bowel function ? How long have you practiced the technique & how has it changed your life ? Do you have additional tips for success that you can offer ? Please leave a comment & share your experiences !


As well as helping with bowel function, which reduces the appearance of a bloated stomach. Abdominal massage also tones up the stomach muscles. Doing it regular will help the overall look of the belly.

If  you suffer with any abdominal conditions. please ask a doctor before trying these techniques. If you look at some of my other post you will see I have suffered with a bowel condition & can preform these massage techniques with no problem, But everybody’s different & I can only give you my personal experiences.

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