Massage for Frozen Shoulder

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Why Use Frozen Shoulder Massage Techniques ?

Massage therapy is quite beneficial in treating the condition since it increases the flow of blood to the injured area & reduces the formation of scar tissue. Regular massage sessions are important for reducing muscle stiffness. The stiffness & pain is usually relieved after several massage treatments.

Natural Treatments for Frozen Shoulder

Deep Tissue Massage is a massage technique that involves the steady application of pressure on the shoulder muscles resulting in the breakage of adhesion’s which are generally scar tissue considered as being unhealthy.

Once the adhesion’s have been treated there is restoration of movement in the shoulder & the pain due to the frozen shoulder is relieved. Deep Tissue Massage also stimulates the flow of blood in the muscles thus promoting movement of the shoulder.

Static Compression Massage is regarded as one of the most useful of all the frozen shoulder massage techniques since it focuses on trigger points that are responsible for the inflammation & pain in the shoulder area.

Engagement Massage Technique for frozen shoulder is mainly used in cases where the shoulders are unable to move & the individual experiences tremendous pain that accompanies the frozen shoulder.

The Engagement Massage Technique requires the person to hold a horizontal adduction on the pectorals which should be lifted slowly. The massage therapist then performs the longitudinal stripping massage to strengthen the muscle fibers & lengthen the elasticity in the shoulder.

Shoulder Muscle Release Technique is very good for eliminating the vicious pain that accompanies frozen shoulder. The technique involves the application of pressure on the spasms responsible for the pain in the shoulder.

The Muscle Release Massage Technique can help to dramatically improve joint motion in the shoulder while at the same time relieving pain that accompanies frozen shoulder to a great extent. The technique is amongst the most effective massage technique for frozen shoulder since it delivers great results within a short time.

Stretching Massage Technique is believed to bring about significant changes in the condition of the frozen shoulder since it encourages the elongation of the capsular tissues located around the shoulder area.

The Stretching Massage Technique involves allowing the shoulder to rotate slowly while stretching the arms. The technique may not produce quick results but it does deliver amazing results in the effective treatment of the condition.


Frozen shoulder is a condition that you don’t want to suffer with for long ,if at all, fatigue, keeping you awake, painful & discomfort are just a few of the things you suffer with. If massage will help, why wouldn’t you try it ?

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