Massage For The Immune System

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Immune System Massage

It is the aim of any form of massage to promote balance & relaxation which in turn will maximize the body’s own healing powers.

If we feel some pain or uncomfortable it can be the body signalling that it is under stress. Most people want a massage because they are suffering from some type of stress. Learning to relax may be very difficult for some people as they are always on the go with family, work & a whole host of other commitments.

For massage therapists, giving a good  massage that people will clearly appreciate  & they can see how thoroughly you enjoyed the experience. Will make them feel that they have done something good & that you the customer appreciated it.

Who Can Benefit From Massage ?

A lot of people’s lifestyles can not change. So they are constantly stressed, this is were having regular massage helps them. This then becomes there way of releasing the stress level, without having to take medication.

Another common ailment is a headache which most of the time can be the result of bad posture. If you have regular massage. This will help realign the body & relax you at the same time & in turn gradually decrease the number of headaches you have.

Massage can help people with terminal illnesses as it will help their body to relax & even reduce their pain. Even though it will not cure them a therapists touch will assist their body to regenerate & ease the destructive forces of their illness. It is great to know that you can  have something a little different then medication to temporarily relax & relieve the illness.

The nervous system governs the circulatory system & massage aids circulation by helping drain the muscle tissue & assist the return of the blood supply to the heart. Poor circulation can create high or low blood pressure & massage can help reduce this but you must always seek the guidance of a medical practitioner if there is a problem with blood pressure.

Muscular pain can be the result of waste products not being efficiently carried away through our lymph system. Prolonged contraction of muscles affects this drainage system & can reduce the mobility of joints. You will find that many people prefer to have a massage at the end of the day so they can continue to relax into the evening at home. The problem for many people  working long hours is that they feel they cannot take time to relax, but this is dangerous as the body WILL burn out sooner or later. A short massage during the day will help them float through the day & problems may not seem so insurmountable.

A group who had Swedish Massage for 45 minutes Had blood tests done at regular intervals & the results showed massage increases the number of white blood cells & these cells fight illness & diseases.


All the conditions listed above are in one way or another linked to the immune system &  if massage helps these conditions then it shows that massage helps the immune system.

I for one hardly ever suffer with colds, flu, headaches or any of the normal bugs that you pick up !

I put this down to having a 1 hour regular massage whether it be Thai or aromatherapy massage. Any massage I believe helps the body relax & rejuvenate & this gives a better well-being for all.

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