Massage for Trapped Nerve

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What is a Pinched Nerve ?

A pinched nerve is actually an injury to the nerve, which can take a form of compression, constriction & even stretching. A pinched nerve may result from a sports injury, a workplace injury or even a harmless situation like sleeping in a wrong position. As you probably know, nerves in our bodies travel through our spine & then branch out into our arms, legs & every part of our body. It’s possible for a nerve to get pinched as it leaves the spine through tiny openings. Some common causes of a pinched nerve include :

  • Herniated disks expand & start pushing against the nerve.
  • Compressed vertebrae can pinch a nerve when disks wear out with age.
  • Spinal stenosis ( narrowing of the space inside your spine where the nerves are located ) can squeeze the nerves enough to cause damage.
  • Any type of bone growth from arthritis or other diseases may lead to pinched nerve.

Some people are more likely to suffer from pinched nerves than others. For example, people who have bad posture, tend to constantly lean on their elbows or perform repetitive activities are at higher risk of developing pinched nerves. Other risk factors include weight gain or water retention due to thyroid disease or pregnancy.

Some Techniques that may be used in Trapped Nerve Massage are :

  • Soft tissue release & gentle kneading performed oil-free (dry ).
  • Energy balancing by following your Sen Meridian lines.
  • Myofascial tissue release, both soft & deep tissue trigger pointing.
  • Lymphatic drainage massage & hand ‘walking’ technique.

Trapped Nerve Massage Benefits may Include :

  • Mental & physical relaxation
  • A true sense of restored well-being & balance.
  • A positive boost of energy & release of stress / tension.
  • Maximising the supply of nutrients by increase circulation.
  • Regulates blood pressure & may help in reducing cholesterol levels.

Who Can Benefit from Trapped Nerve Massage ?

  • Any body of any age regardless of physical condition or fitness.
  • Stress, tension, anxiety. headaches. migraine & insomnia.
  • Muscular spasms including stomach or lower body cramps.
  • Recovery from injury & from a training session.
  • Rheumatism, Arthritis & digestive disorders.
  • Tennis / Golfer’s elbow & Tendinitis.
  • Repetitive Strain injury & Carpal Tunnel.
  • Occupational & postural aches.

Trapped Nerve Massage is Performed with Oil & you may wish to Upgrade by Adding :

  • Hot & cold Stones Therapy – A wonderfully relaxing touch with significant recovery speed.
  • Essential oils – An Aromatherapy blend to suit your needs – anti inflammatory & anti spasmodic.
  • Aromatherapy products – tailor made soaps, shampoos, creams, gels, facial sprays, after shaves & deodrants – carry the feeling home with you in a jar.
  • Reiki chakra Balancing – 10 to 30 minutes achieving an even deeper sense of harmony.

Symptoms of a Pinched Nerve in your Neck 

When a nerve is pinched, it’s membrane is impacted, which causes the nerve to lose some of it’s ability to transmit electrical impulses from the brain. This may lead to a variety of symptoms, including :

  • Numbness through the arm down to the thumb.
  • Tingling sensation in your shoulder or arm.
  • Burning or hot / cold sensation in your neck.
  • Muscular spasms.
  • Light to sever pain when you move your head a certain way
  • Overall weakness or loss of sensation in the arm.


Most people 50 & older have a certain degree of nerve damage caused by worn-out disks between the neck vertebrae. However, not everyone experiences pain or discomfort-some people feel nothing at all.

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  1. You described some of my ailments to a tee. I go for massage regularly and they greatly help. Going to try and book one today in fact. Thai massage is my personal favourite. It hurts but helps so much with my mobility.

    1. Hi Bill
      Sounds like your hooked like me ? lol Thai massage over the years has helped me stay flexible, I don’t think I would be able to carry on with the activities I love doing if I stopped getting the regular massages.
      Enjoy your massage & remember it’s doing your health & mind wonders.
      Stay Fit & Healthy.

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