Massage To Burn Calories. True or False ?

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Let’s look at some of the facts

To lose weight we need to burn off more calories then we put in. The way to do this is exercise. Like Going to the gym or swimming.Yoga, walking or keep fit classes, As well a balanced diet ! We all know this. Right ?

Can Massage Help Burn Calories ?

Aromatherapy Massage : The rubbing and warming of the muscles stimulates & increases blood flow. It has been calculated that you will burn 67 calories per hour having this massage. Hmmm It’s also calculated that a 150 pound person will burn 63 calories sleeping for 1 hour ! 4 calories isn’t a lot. But I always feel better after a 1 hour massage than I do after just 1 hours sleep. But helps at hand ! If YOU massage someone else (that’s someone you know !) YOU can burn an average of 289 calories. That’s just a thought for you all !

Traditional Thai Massage: This must burn more calories than Aromatherapy massage ? With it’s YOGA positioning.(a person doing YOGA for 1 hour and weighing between 125-155 pounds will burn on average 120-149 calories ). you must burn nearly the same amount of calories ?

Now I can’t lie, I’ve asked  several people, searched the internet & read lot’s of books & not one have worked the calories burnt from Traditional Thai Massage. But if anyone out there can tell me I would be truly grateful ! I’ve pondered over it for too many years now.

My Personal Thoughts 

It doesn’t matter which massage you have they will all burn calories one way or another. Maybe not a lot. But if your on a calorie controlled diet, then massage will help burn calories.

Plus the health benefits & well being from a massage, make it worth it .

3 Essential Oils to help weight loss

Ginger Essential oils : I personally have done a lot of research on ginger.(I had a Ileo Anal J pouch 16 years ago)It’s good for the intestine, with it’s power to reduce inflammation & helps with absorbing vitamins and minerals.(lot’s of spas give ginger tea after treatments). You can use it in a Oil Burner, it is comforting & is meant to sharpen the senses.

Grapefruit Essential Oil : Helps with the digestion of fatty foods & breaks down body fat. It is also good for water retention. Used on a Oil Burner it is known to lower food cravings.

Lemongrass Essential Oil :  Is used as a detoxifier & helps flush harmful toxins out of the body. Thai’s use lemongrass a lot in cooking. Add fresh lemongrass leaves to boiling water and enjoy a lovely tea.

All 3 of these Essential Oils can Be used in Aromatherapy Massage.


  1. Hi thanks for all the helpful information that you have shared in your article I always wanted to go for a message but never got a chance but now that you have listed all the benefits of it now I feel like it is a must to do message.

    1. Hi Alham
      I think you would feel the difference after only one massage. Let me know if you have a massage, I’m interested what others thoughts are on massage ?
      Live life to the full.

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