Paraffin Wax Hand Bath

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Paraffin Wax Treatment for Hands

Today I have tried something totally different. PARAFFIN WAX BATH FOR HANDS. The wife bought one with the intension of using as another treatment for her business, ( We had to do a test run at home, to make sure it works like it should, right ? ( Well that’s my excuse & I’m sticking with it ! LOL ).

Brief Instructions :

  • Place wax in heater and turn on high.
  • When wax fully melted turn heater off.
  • Allow the wax to cool (until thin film on top )
  • Check with a thermometer that the temperature is around 125 F ( 51.7 0C ) before placing hands in the wax.
  • Wash hands with warm soapy water & dry hands.
  • Make sure you have everything you need to hand.

How to use Paraffin Wax Heater

Now for the fun bit ! Relax and place hand into the wax. Open & close the fingers making sure the wax goes between the fingers & the hand is totally covered in the wax, do not touch the sides or bottom of the heater. Lift your hand out & allow to dry for a couple of seconds (until dripping stops ).

Place hands in plastic bags & cover with the mittens. Stay like this for 10 to 15 minutes.

If you are doing both hands at the same time like me. You will need someone to help.

Now take off the mittens & soften the wax on the hands through the bag, Peel back the bag and remove the wax as you do so. The wax should peel off with the bag.

How Does it Feel ? 

As long as wax is right temperature ! ( was a little too hot when used on right hand ! ) It just feels like putting your hand in warm water. But with the bag on & mittens, it warms up quite a bit. Not uncomfortably hot Just a sweaty hand hot.

After the wax has been removed my hands felt smooth, with a waxy feel (I think it should feel like that seeing they’d been in wax ! lol) . Even now 2 hours later they still feel the same & have the smell of ALOE VERA. That was the wax I used. There are a few different varieties of wax you can buy.

Health Benefits of a Paraffin Hand Bath 

It’s classed as a deeply exfoliating hydrating spa treatment.

Helps moisturize & revitalize the rough dry skin on your hands, elbows & heels.

Good for osteoarthritis. Paraffin especially helps to reduce pain & loosen finger joints.

Do NOT use if you have any of the Following Conditions :

  • Diabetes
  • Varicose veins
  • Hypertension
  • Skin rashes
  • Open wounds


Only time will tell what benefits it will give to me. I’m going to try the treatment on a monthly basis & will report back to you all, how or if it works at all.

Please click on image on the right to see product details.

Thank you for reading. If you have anything to add ?

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  1. I didn`t even know about Paraffin Wax Heater. You can use it with your hands, but, how about the elbows or the heels? How do you use it for other parts of the body, like the legs for the women? Is this treatment good for people with diabetes? I´m very interest in wax treatment for the skin. Thanks for the info.

    1. Hi Ruben
      You can use the heater for elbows and heels. but I haven’t tried that ! I have seen in some spas they put the wax over other parts of the body, like when they wax hairs off. But I won’t be trying that at home.
      the wax treatment is not good for people with diabetes, It can hinder circulation. Or people with skin rashes, varicose veins or hypertension.
      Hope this information helps ?

  2. Hello

    I have definitely not tried this but knowing that it good for osteoarthritis and also it helps to reduce pain & loosen finger joints, I will give it a try. Plus the other good benefit I see to it is deeply exfoliating hydrating spa treatment which I can try at home without having to go to the spa. Thank you for sharing.

    Best Regards

    1. Hi Ramandeep
      Thank you for your positive comment. I only had my first treatment last Sunday, But my hands have stayed quite soft & smooth all of this week.
      I will be trying it again in 4 weeks. It’s already on my to do list ! lol
      Stay Fit & Healthy

  3. O Wow, that is so freaking awesome. So my monthly membership for a massage is $75, I tend to stick with the massage, facials, or my feet. I told myself next time I would try the parrafin wax, but if I can do the hands at home, I will certainly try it.

    1. Hi Kennie
      The hand wax machine’s are really useful to have at home. Just follow the instructions & you will be fine, & if it’s only you & family using it Then you can put the paraffin wax back in for next time, making it last longer.
      Thanks for the comment

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