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Reflexology Massage

Reflexology is an ancient & natural healing process that dates back at least 5,000 years to Egyptian & Oriental cultures. Some call it a kin to Acupuncture because specific points & target areas guide practitioners of both techniques. However, Acupuncture incorporates the use of fine needles applied to the entire body( ) , whereas Reflexology does not use needles & concentrates on the feet. Reflexology can be performed on the hands & ears.

The science of reflexology considers the feet to be mini-maps of the human body, with each organ, glands & parts of the body linked to a corresponding reflex area or point in the foot. By targeting a certain area or point, Reflexology speeds relief to the corresponding part of the body.

A Reflexologist can work on different parts of the feet to facilitate healing for individual conditions, however, it is desirable to work on all areas to put the entire body into balance. Some examples of how Reflexology assists in healing, or simple alleviating specific pain or discomfort, are as follows :

Condition : Menstrual Area(s) of the foot a Reflexologist would concentrate on : Ankle, Top of the Foot, Inner Heel.

Corresponding area in the body to these points in the foot: Reproductive Organs.

Condition: Back, Shoulder & Neck Tension Area(s) of the foot Reflexologist would concentrate on : Inside Edge of Foot.

Corresponding area in the body to these points in the foot: Spine.

Condition: Digestive Problems Area(s) of the foot a Reflexologist would concentrate on : Centre of Arch.

Corresponding area in the body to these points in the foot : Large & small intestines by helping the body self-regulate & balance itself, Reflexology has a unique capacity to relieve stress build up. Beyond the specific results that have been reported-relief from migraines, constipation, colds/flu symptoms, back/neck pain, digestive problems-Reflexology creates an overall calm that seems to envelop the body, allowing the body & mind to decompress & release energy flow. As a result, the body experiences greater stamina & energy, enhanced productivity & creativity, & emotional equilibrium. Clients with chronic problems such as allergies, chemical dependencies, & weight management issues also report significant improvements.

Is Reflexology a Medical Treatment ?

No. Reflexology is not a medical treatment, nor is it a foot massage. Rather, Reflexology is a distinct system of natural healing. It is both a science that requires study, sound technique & practiced skills, & an art that must be approached with dedication & patience.

Does Reflexology Hurt ?

It is rare that a client reports pain during a Reflexology session. Twenty-six bones, 56 ligaments, 38 muscles & 7,000 nerves make each foot, therefore there is a lot of territory stimulated during a session. The sensations experienced during a Reflexology session are felt in the feet, not in the corresponding organs, glands or body 1-2 days after a session. The reason for the soreness is because toxins are released from the feet during a session & often it takes the body’s own elimination system to sometimes flush them from the body. An open dialogue between client & therapist is encouraged so that the client gets the most out of his/her session.

Who Uses Reflexology Today ?

Reflexology is easy to learn & yet so powerful. It has grown so popular in recent years that surgeons, medical doctors, chiropractors, dentists, nurses, midwives, physical therapists, occupational therapists & massage therapists use it as a complimentary therapy. To illustrate how it can be used in conjunction with medical practices, imagine the following scenario : A pregnant woman has gone into labour. Although some of the pain she experiences can be treated with modern pharmaceuticals, she still suffers from pain & discomfort in her lower back & neck. In order to help relieve her neck/back pain, Reflexology is performed on the feet, specifically to the inside edges, a very non-invasive treatment to an internal problem. There are no needles & nothing needs to be exposed other than her feet. In just on hour, she feels a renewed sense of calm & her neck/back pain has subsided, allowing her to focus on the miracle of childbirth ! In addition, many people learn Reflexology to help reduce stress in their everyday life’s, or to help family or friends.


I have had Reflexology only once, but I do not think the therapist was that well trained ?

I have now found another reflexologist & hopefully will be booking in for a treatment very soon ! Let’s hope I can manage having my feet touched ! my feet are very ticklish & it takes me a while to get used to them been touched.

I will update after my treatment

Thanks for reading.

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