Reiki- 5 Reasons You Should Take It Up

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Reiki is a spiritual practice, originally from Japan that has been adopted all over the world because of the many benefits it offers. The approximate meaning of the term is ‘ universal life energy’. The practice involves the’ laying of hands’ on a patient in order to increase life force energy in the patient’s body. The patient is required to lie fully clothed on a treatment table during the therapy.

Reiki Benefits

There are many benefits of practicing Reiki since it’s emphasis is on creating the perfect balance between all elements of the body & soul. In fact, this practice looks at problems holistically & therefore it has many benefits such as :

Pain Management : People suffering from chronic pain cannot rely very much on medications because they can lead to dependency. Since Reiki increases relaxation & wellbeing, flooding the body with endorphins, it also helps people deal with pain easily.

Helping Treat Diseases : People suffering from serious diseases ( cancer, hypertension, diabetes etc. ) benefit from the therapy because it helps build their immunity & their body’s ability to heal itself. Needless to say, one has to continue with the medical treatment prescribed by doctors since this natural therapy is not a substitute for medical science. There is no question of any negative interaction between the two.

Reduced Anxiety : This treatment helps slow the heart rate & make breathing regular. Not only does this help reduce anxiety but it also helps you sleep better. Improved sleep further reduces anxiety.

Weight Loss : There is a clear correlation between weight loss on one side & reduced anxiety & better sleep on the other side. One still has to exercise & diet in order to lose weight but this therapy gives one an additional advantage.

Positive Attitude : A positive outlook on life helps people become successful in most enterprises. People with this outlook are also more likely to try their hand at all sorts of ventures. They also develop positive self-esteem as a result of enjoying repeated success.


As you can see, the right Reiki practitioner can help bring out many positive changes in a person’s life. It is generally necessary to have repeated sessions with the practitioner in order to get the desired results.

However, one is usually able to start seeing positive results right from the first session. Interestingly, this spiritual practice can be used with great effect on people of all ages & on pets as well.

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