Aromatherapy Massage

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Aromatherapy “To describe treatments with essentials oil.

The word Aromatherapy came from a Frenchman in the 20th Century. He was a Doctor & scientist called RENE-MAURICE GATTEFOSSE. He discovered the powerful antiseptic nature of many essential oils.

Some Plants & Herbs Used :

Grapefruit / Mandarin / cypress / Palmarosa / Cedarwood / Ylang Ylang / Frankincense / Roman Chamomile / Orange / Neroli / Bergamot / Lemon / Eucalyptus / Jasmine / Juniper / Lavender / Tea Tree / Peppermint / Nutmeg / Marjoram / Geranium / Black Pepper / rose / rosemary / Clary Sage / Sandalwood / Benzoin / Ginger to name a few.(I will be doing a section on the oils and how they work for different conditions )

Aromatherapy Massage: You keep underwear on and lay on a couch usually with a face hole . You start face down covered with a towel. The therapist can usually mix a blend of oils that will suit your mood or body aliment. Coconut  oil is very popular ( Told by My wife who owns her own business). Most Therapist start on the back. They move the  towel down and tuck into your underwear.Then putting warm oil on there hands and working it into the back in a effleurage movement. Then using hands, fingers, thumbs, forearms and if you require  deep massage they may use elbows with Fanning, Continuous Circle Strokes, Kneading, Friction & Pressure Strokes . After the back is massaged the towel is replaced and some of the oils removed. Then moving the towel from one leg. The therapist then starts from the foot up to the  calf muscle and works up to the thigh doing flowing movement using Hands & thumbs and uses some of the techniques above. After legs the therapist will ask you to turn over. keeping your dignity they hold the towel up and look away. Replacing the towel when you have turned over and putting a pillow behind your head. Some will now put a flannel rolled up over your eyes. The therapist then starts on the front of your legs and feet. then move onto your hands and arms, even massaging and stretching fingers. Next stage is to work on the neck & shoulders, Then the  head & Face, usually finishing off by getting you to sit up, the therapist kneels behind you and works on the top of your shoulders with either fingers, thumbs or elbows.

My Experience : I find this massage the best for relaxing, with the soft music playing in the back ground and the therapists flowing hands it’s very easy to drift away ! I usually use balms ( Thai Massage Balms *Wat Pho Temple* Healing GREEN,RED & YELLOW Herbal 100g XXL Jars *All Natural Product*) on my lower back either Tiger Balm or similar sorts that I have brought back from Thailand. This helps relieve any tension and the heat is very soothing.

*If you ever have the chance to visit Bangkok. A must see is WAT PHO TEMPLE . I promise you will not regret it.*

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  1. Hi, Paul! I liked that you’ve walked me through so I’d know what to expect. I think that might be the reservation with most people…so knowing what to expect helps folks to relax and gain the most from the experience. Thanks for a great post!

    1. Hi Teri
      My aim is to get people to have the experience of a massage at least once in their life’s.
      I have been asked over the years several questions about the massages, so I thought it would be a good idea to explain a little about each so that people can then decide which would fit their needs.
      Thank you for your positive feedback, it is much appreciated.
      Stay Fit & Healthy.

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