Top 10 Essential Oils

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Every Home Should Have These 10 Essential Oils

Today I finally got my top 10 essential oils to have at home.

Getting it down to 10 has been very difficult. Every essential oil is fantastic at alleviating ailments.

After looking at all the clinical research & pages of study done on essential oils. I have the most used essential oils & the best benefits essential oils of them all in my top 10 list.

In no particular order.

10 Best Essential Oils to have at Home

1 LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL :  Now anyone who has read any of my other essential oil post/pages will know LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL is my favourite & the most popular sold.

Now let’s look at what Lavender essential oil does for the BODY : Heals burns, Wounds. Reduces Acne. Rejuvenates skin complexion.  Eczema. Psoriasis. Relaxes Aching, Sore Muscles.

For the MIND : Improves Sleep. Helps With Emotional Stress. Alleviates Headaches. Depression. Migraines. Insomnia. To name a few. A lot of clinical tests have & are been cared out on LAVENDER essential oil. I’m expecting the list of benefits to be way longer very shortly.

Around the home : Used in a spray bottle with 20ml water 10 drops LAVENDER essential oils, makes a chemical free scented spray. or mixing a few drops in bicarbonate soda, sprinkle on carpet then hoover to remove smells from carpets. Add a few drops to a handkerchief or piece of cloth, hang in a wardrobe to keep Moths, Fleas, Silverfish & flies away. Mixed with EUCALYPTUS essential oil & used in a diffuser will kill airborne Viruses & Bacteria.

CAUTION Pregnant women & people taking prescribed drugs to help sleep should seek medical advice before trying any LAVENDER essential oil treatments.


2 PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL : What it does for the BODY : Anti-Nausea. Stops Stomach Aches. Clears Nasal Passages. Relieves Tight Aching Muscles. Relieves Fatigue. Hayfever. Itchy skin. Hair Growth. Sunburn. Cold. Flu. Coughs. Sore Throat. Flatulent. Bloating.

Now for the MIND : Calming Effect. Headaches. Improve Concentration.

Around the HOME : Air freshener just add a few drops to hanging items around the home. e.g. curtains. As bug killer PEPPERMINT essential oil will keep Ants. Cockroaches. Ticks. Mosquitos. Spiders. Mice & Lice at bay. Use on a cotton bud and place near holes, doors & windows to keep the little pests away. It is also helps with stomach cramps & indigestion, just rub a few drops onto the stomach. Tests have also found it helps with IBS ( Irritable bowel syndrome ) It is said it can improve antibiotic resistance, helping the body heal from prescription drugs. But before you rush out and buy PEPPERMINT essential oil, I would advice you get professional advice from your doctor or specialist.

3 TEA TREE ESSENTIAL OIL : Can already be found in a lot of over the shelf products, from mouthwash to shampoos. But here are some of the clinical  benefits.

Starting with the BODY : Helps Heal Wounds & Infections. Acne. Nail Fungus. Scalp & Hair Vitality. Ringworm Eliminator. Insect Bites. Head Lice. Cold. Sunburn.

For the MIND : Refreshing aroma helps the emotional system, Calming & Relaxing. aids recovery from fatigue &  helps with concentration.

Around the HOME : Great at removing little pests like : Ants, Spiders, Mosquitos, Fleas, Lice & Ticks. It has antibacterial properties good for cleaning around the home, add 10 drops to warm water. Also you can add to your clothes wash to clear bacteria from your clothing. Just add 10 drops per wash.

4 FRANKINCENSE ESSENTIAL OIL : Frankincense has been highly sort after for centuries & valued more then gold.

Some of the benefits for the BODY : Improve Blood Circulation. Help Heal & Fade Scars. Help Regenerate Body Cells. Reduce Swelling In Muscles & Joints. Balances Hormones. Anti-Aging Properties. Insect Bites. Cold. Flu.

For the MIND : Gives A Feeling of Wellness & Relaxation. Improves The Memory. Stress. Anxiety. Will Also Help With Sleep Problems.

Around the HOME : It has Antiseptic properties, Fantastic for cleaning surfaces around the home and killing bacteria. Add 10 drops to warm water. Used in a DIFFUSER  it will kill airborne Bacteria.

5 EUCALYPTUS ESSENTIAL OIL : Can already be found in products for colds and coughs.

Benefits for the BODY : Cough Relief. Clears a Bad Chest. Disinfects Wounds. Helps With Joint Pains. Relaxes Sore Muscles. Improves Hair Health. Stops Itchy Scalp. Head Lice. Cold Sores. Asthma. Bronchitis. Colds. Flu.

Benefits for the MIND : Gives A Feeling Of Freedom & Positivity. Relaxing. Helps You Think More Clearly.

For the HOME : Mosquito & Other Biting Insect Repellent, ( some company’s are already using it instead of DEET ). Disinfectant Cleaner. Or add a couple of drops in the bottom of your shower, when the steam rises you will be refreshed with the vapour.

6 CITRONELLA ESSENTIAL OIL : Can be found in a lot of products for the garden in keeping insects away. The United States Environment Protection Agency Have Passed CITRONELLA As A Use For A Natural Insect Repellent.

For the BODY : A Muscle Relaxer. Relieves Arthritis Pains. Wound Healer. Fade Old Spot scars. Infections. Acne. Eczema. Cramps & Coughs.

For the MIND : Relaxant. Stress Reliever. Helps With Depression. Anxiety. & Stimulates.

For the HOME : Insect Replant. Hair Shampoo & Conditioner. Use In A DIFFUSER To Calm Pets & Deodorize Pet Smells. Another One That Can Be Used As A Cleaner Around The Home Killing Both Bacteria & Fungal.

7 LEMONGRASS ESSENTIAL OIL : We have LEMONGRASS in our house all the time. It’s the Thai way. So it’s a must have essential oil in my house.

Benefits for the BODY : Muscle Pain Reliever. Joint Pain Reliever. Helps With Toothache. Fatigue From Sports. Hair Follicles. High Blood Pressure. Colds. Flu. Fever & Acne.

Benefits for the MIND : Relieves Headaches. A Anti-Depressant. Gives A Feeling Of Tranquillity. Relieves Anxiety. Relaxing & Lifting

Around the HOME : Another one that works as a insect repellent. Also a house cleaner. Used in a DIFFUSER it’s one fantastic deodorizer come relaxer. As I’m writing this I have LEMONGRASS & PEPPERMINT essential oils in my DIFFUSER, Very calming & relaxing.

8 LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL : Is used in a lot of cold remedy products & household cleaners.

Benefits for the BODY :  A Good Pain Relief. Good For Nausea. Skin Cleanser. Clears Greasy Hair & A Good Antiseptic To Clean Wounds.

Benefits for the MIND : It Can Enhance Mood. Gives You Better Concentration. Relieves Stress & Anxiety.

For the HOME : Mixed with a carrier oil it can be a wood cleaner. Great for cleaning surfaces around the home with that LEMON fresh scent. Used in a DIFFUSER it’s great as a room freshener.

9 ROSEMARY ESSENTIAL OIL : Has a distinctive wood aroma.

Benefits for the BODY : Promotes Hair Growth. Clears Dandruff. Clears Dry Scalp. Helps Headaches. Acne. Colds. Flu. Coughs. Cellulite. Muscle Pain. Joint Pain & Improves Circulation.

Benefits for the MIND : Stress Reliever. Clears Your Head. Enhances Memory. Helps With Anxiety & Relaxing.

For the HOME :  Insect & Mosquito Repellent. Natural  Air Freshener & A Surface Cleaner.

10 YLANG YLANG ESSENTIAL OIL : Finally the last one of my top 10.

For the BODY : Lowers Blood Pressure. Skin Preserver. Stops Skin Irritation. Helps With Eczema. Cuts. Abrasions. Burns & Headaches.

For the MIND : Helps With Depression. Anxiety. Stress. Anger. Relaxing. Insomnia & Even Sex Drive.

For the HOME : Yet another bug repellent. Mix a few drops into your bathwater for a calming effect after a hard day at work.


I have not added any of the benefits for orally taking any of these essential oils. I feel that You will need Medical advice before taking them orally & as such I will not give you any conditions that you may just try essential oils for yourself.


These illnesses have not had enough tests or research done on any of them as yet to prove either good or bad & I will not go on it may help ! Hopefully I will be able to update this in the future with good news, covering these illnesses ?

I chose these as my top 10 as most can be mixed with each other & are helpful in nearly all common ailments. Plus I have personally tested all of them over the years.

Always Buy 100% or Pure essential oils. click on any image to see more details of products.

If you have anything to add ? or any more uses for these essential oils.

Please leave a comment below




  1. Hi, I just want to say what a great site you have full of valuable information. The information on essential oils was most informative for many of my ailments and will look at incorporating them into my daily life. Thanks again for such great information.

    1. Hi Tammy
      Thank you for your positive comment.
      Over many year I used many lotions and creams with not much success. Then discovered essential oils through my wife’s work.
      I have researched, read many books & tried many different essential oils for different conditions before coming to these top essential oils for the different conditions.
      I have still got a lot more to write up yet !
      Keep looking for new one’s coming soon.

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