Treatment For Anxiety Disorders

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Natural Treatments For Anxiety                                                                                                                      There are a lot of treatments for anxiety & depression on the market & not everything is good for your body. Alternative treatment for anxiety & depression is a great & natural way to get relief. You should understand though, that most alternative medicine to treat anxiety & depression is used in cases where the condition is mild. People with severe depression or anxiety, to the point that it is threatening their lives or the lives of others, should not hesitate to seek medical attention.

Here Are The Top 4 Alternative Treatments For Anxiety & Depression

   1. Herbal Remedies :

St. John’s Wort is probably the most popular of all of the herbal remedies used to treat anxiety & depression. St.John’s Wart is effective at combating mild depression & anxiety in a natural way. It has been used fro centuries in this regard & works very well. Other herbal remedies that work to reduce anxiety & depression are Chamomile & Valerian. Some herbal remedies can interfere with your subscription medicines. It is very important to consult your doctor before starting to use any other treatments.

2. Acupuncture :

Acupuncture is an ancient healing art that pinpoints pressure points & uses needles to cure pain as well as treat a variety of other different types of ailments & mild conditions. There are some who swear by acupuncture as an effective pain relief as well as a relief for anxiety. the treatment sounds dreadful, but is actually very relaxing. It will not hurt you to try acupuncture, even if you are on medication for anxiety or depression.

3. Massage Therapy :

Massage Therapy will certainly not hurt you. To the contrary, it will feel good & relaxing to you. You should treat yourself to a massage therapy whether or not you have anxiety as it will relieve tension & stress. While massage therapy certainly works wonders to relieve physical anxiety & tension, it will not work to relieve the thought process that is usually generated by anxiety. For this reason, massage therapy works almost like a tranquilizer. It s a lot more expensive, but a lot les harmful.

4. Aromatherapy :

Aromatherapy is another Eastern healing art that has been around for centuries. This is based on using essential oils that are derived from herbs, bark, flowers, fruit or other organic matter. You can either have them massaged into the skin or inhale them, using a burner or diffuser. Lavender is one of the few essential oils that is actually safe to use on the skin & is one that is often used to treat anxiety & depression. The concept of aromatherapy is that the fragrance will be absorbed into the bloodstream either through the skin or inhaled into the lungs & will begin to heal.


You can try any of the alternative treatments for anxiety & depression but remember that they offer no guarantee & should only be used in mild to moderate cases. They are generally safe to use & all, with the exception of herbal remedies, are safe to use when taking medication.

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