Ulcerated Colitis / Crohns or IBS

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My Own Personal Life With Ulcerated Colitis

If you have read my about me page or seen the essential oils for scars ? you will know I suffered with ULCERATED COLITIS (UC) for over 19 years. My own experience of the illness, Is even though I knew nothing about massage at that time.

When I had what’s called to people who know as a  flare up. That to me was going to toilet over 40 times in 24 hours &  I used to lose over 1 1/2 stone in weight in under 2 weeks until the prednisolone tablets (steroid ) kicked in and started to control it again. Over these periods I would have been unable to have a massage as my head was always thinking of going to toilet & my bowels definitely did make me go ! (even though I never had time of work as a fabricator welder, I struggled to keep going ).

Ileo Anal Pouch Operation

After the first operation (April), which left me with a ileostomy for 6 months whilst the internal pouch healed. Me myself was to conscious of the bag, I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror ! I hated it ! ( only my personal thought’s knowing I was only having it for a short time ). NO way would I have had a massage. I wouldn’t have been relaxed at all.

Now after second operation September), 6 months later, I do not think I could have had a massage for 2 months after. It was too painful around the scar area & I needed to stretch the skin around my belly button. I did this by learning to kayak 6 months after second operation. Climbing up the back of a kayak really stretches the stomach muscles & the cold water stops you feeling any pain.

Around my belly button going out approx. 100mmish was a multi coloured bruise starting with deep purple in the middle, going out to a pale yellow (wish I had taken some pics now ! ).This happened every Saturday after my kayak lesson for over 2 months.

As soon as you can lay on your belly comfortable, it will be fine to have a massage, Just not to hard on the lower back. The pouch could be still healing and you are still learning how it works. In the UK I have never had my stomach massaged. Only in Thailand do they massage my stomach.

I wouldn’t have Traditional Thai massage until at least 6 months after. All the bending and stretching could be painful & this wouldn’t make it relaxing.

But now 16 years after operations I can have any massage that I want, with no pains or after effects. Just a lovely feeling of relaxation.


I would say that when you are feeling good try a massage, They are so relaxing and stress relieving.

SWIDISH or AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE is what I would advise you to have. but that’s my choices ( and the wife’s a Qualified massage therapist)

I have written this up for others with UC or CROHNs or even IBS. But your condition will not be exactly the same as mine & I’m no doctor I was just a long time sufferer of the illness & as such had a lot of experience over the years, It’s a very lonely illness & the bowels seem to be a no, no subject for others to talk about !!

I’m here for anyone who wants to ask any questions or let me know there experience’s.

You can email : paul@massage-for-well-being.com or comment below.

Keep positive and life will get better ( mine did after operations & I’ve never looked back )



  1. It sounds like you had quite and ordeal. Was the massage delayed because of the condition, or because of the surgery? Do you recommend torso massage? Would that help with internal issues?

    1. Hi Judith
      The delay was more to do with me not even thinking about massage as a health benefit for Ulcerated Colitis or After my surgery. It was by chance that I met my wife who’s a qualified therapist. That’s when things really changed for the better. Massage takes stress away and is so relaxing, this really helps. Here in the Uk when I’ve had full body massage they never do the stomach, The places I’ve been don’t give them. But when in Thailand I have a stomach massage with full body massage. usually the therapists are surprised at the scar I have down my stomach ! lol ( see the essential oils for scars post That’s my scar ). it is fine to have them and the movements they make and pressure they use is not too strong anyway. If you feel bloated it would help move things having stomach massage.
      Hope this helps ?

  2. A friend of mine has ulcerated colitis and it doesn’t look that comfortable to have if I’m honest so having a massage would probably do him the world of good so when I see him next I’ll show him this post.
    Thanks for sharing this

    1. Thank you Mathew
      I want to help as many people with UC as I can. I know how hard it is to live with the illness.
      When they are feeling good, it is fine to have a massage.The relaxation will help a lot.

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