What is Ear Candling ?

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Short History of Ear Candling

Ear candling, Ear coning or Hopi ear candling Basically they are all the same ! Hopi Ear candles came from a North American tribe called Hopi, It was said they used ear candles ? But this has never been proven. Another theory is it was invented by the Ancient Egyptians Because of what they are made of Unbleached cotton cloth & beeswax.

What are Ear Candles ?

Ear candles are 9 to 12 inch long tubular cones, Normally taking about 10 minutes to burn down. The more expensive one’s are still made the same way as the originals with unbleached cotton cloth & beeswax.



Ear Candling Technique

There’s no need to change for this treatment. You will be asked to lay on one side and a towel will be placed around your neck and shoulder.

The candle is lit and inserted in the ear canal. The therapist then massages above and below the eye & around to the temple. This is meant to release anything in the passage that joins the nose to the ear. You hear a crackling sound as the candle burns down. Then you will be asked to turn over & have the same treatment done to the opposite ear.

The full treatment takes about 30 minutes. Usually the candles are opened to see what has come out of the ear.

Does Ear Candling Work ?

My personal answer here, It’s NOT a scientific test  ! I was born with only an ear lobe on my right ear & a layer of skin about 5 to 8mm in side my ear so I have no hearing on the right side ! After several operations ( 9 or 11 Can’t remember now ? )  between the ages of 5 to 8 they were never able to build my ear or take the skin away. Can you see where I’m coming with this ? When a ear candle was placed in my right ear for the 10 minute treatment, It still had the same residue  in it as my left ear that is normal.

You maybe think that this treatment works ? But for me what is left in the ear candle is the beeswax as it burns down.

But even if it doesn’t work ,It was still a relaxing experience.

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  1. Omagoodness this is crazy! I’ve not heard of this before… I think I’d be down though! I get into this sort of thing though, the natural remedies and treatments. Such an interesting read!

    1. Hi Courtney
      I know I say it doesn’t work ! But I still have it done now and then just because it’s so relaxing.
      Give it a try you may think different to me ?
      Then you can tell me all about it.
      Stay fit & Healthy

  2. Wow this treatment sounds insane to me and kind of scary! So the purpose of it is to just clean out everything in there? How does it feel, just kind of hot inside your head? I can see how it would be kind of fun to see all the stuff that comes out and know it’s all clean now. Are there any dangers with it? Thanks for sharing your experience!

    1. Hi Kelli
      The Treatment is totally safe, as long as you follow the instructions ! You don’t feel any heat at all. just hear a crackling sound. But the massage around the eyes and temples is really relaxing. I keep going again just for the massage. lol
      Live Life To The Full

  3. I have always wanted to try this but have also heard there are some safety risks. You are probably better off getting it professionally done like you describe. My luck, I’d set my hair on fire!

    1. Hi
      They are very safe. You get a round deflector plate that sits near the ear, This will stop anything falling onto you.
      But as I described I wouldn’t say they clean the ear.
      But they are very therapeutic.

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