What is Sensual Massage ?

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Sensual Massage 

Sensual massage is not SEX MASSAGE. sensual massage is a loving touch or stroke with the person you love.

There are some parts of the body that respond more to touching and stroking & most are hardly touched during normal use.

  • Lips & Mouth – Highly sensitive to touch
  • The Armpit – ( after washing !)Stroke gently from the armpit down onto the inner arm.
  • The Pad Of The Big Toe – Stimulated by massage can trigger sexual response throughout the body.
  • The Buttocks – (bottom to you & me ) Has lot’s of nerve endings
  • Then we have all the parts we already know & don’t have to cover here !

Getting the Mood Right

You have to find your own space where you will not be disturbed. Heat the room to 24°c. You need it this warm because of the body temperature dropping when laid down. A bed probably is not the best place for this, use a rug covered in towels, either warmed in a tumble dryer or on radiators, leave a couple of towels on the radiator for later.

Turn the lights off, light scented candles ,burners  or a diffuser with essential oils & some relaxing music (not heavy metal !! lol ).

The different strokes you can use

FAN STROKE – Like swimming breaststroke, working from centre out

CICULAR STROKE – As it says going around in circles with your hands

STRETCHING STROKE –  This is were you stretch the skin out with your hands, starting with your hands side by side put a bit of pressure on and pull the skin apart. ( make sure your partners comfortable with this movement & don’t let the essential oils dry out ! )

RAKING STROKES  – Using flat hands with fingertips bent down (like a rake ! ) make short firm movements. this is exceptionally good on arms & legs.

FEATHERING STROKE – Light touch with fingertips over all the erogenous zones. if your not ticklish try this all over the body.

Decide who’s going first ? Lay face down on one of the warm towels. Now the fun bit ! I can only suggest ideas to try, you will have to find what your partner likes and dislikes. But be honest with each other, there is no point doing something the your partner doesn’t like or feels comfortable with.
With a few drops of essential oils & carrier oil of your choice ( list at the end of essential oils & what they will do ). Place some of the oil on your palm and gently rub your hands together to warm the oil slightly. Using both hands, flat on the skin rub the oil all over the back checking your partner is happy. You can either gently massage out from the spine (do not put any pressure on the spine. best to work down the side of the spine ) in a circular movement, starting on the bottom & working up to the shoulders, kneeling either at the side or straddling your partner ( don’t sit on them though ! very uncomfortable ! ). There are so many different ways you can use your hands from laying fully flat, sides of the hand (like karate chop shape ), knuckles (like a fist, Gently ! )  , fingertips (gently though ) or even the heel of the hand. This is good around the shoulders were you can put a little bit more pressure. Now taking the warm towel from the radiator, lay it over your partner at pat it down, gently rub the excess oil away. Leave the towel over there back.

After the Back work on the back of the legs using the same technique’s, not forgetting the inner thigh. this is one of the body’s sensual zones & the soles of the feet. Try all technique’s until you find the one your partner really likes & experiment with other movement’s of the hands. You never know you might have the massage therapist’s touch ?

Ask your partner to turn over & work on the front. gently rub essential oils into the stomach, this can feel really relaxing. Up to the chest & shoulders always ask if it’s ok ?

One little tip if you want this treatment returning, don’t massage for too long ! your partner may not feel like returning the massage if they are sensually relaxed !

The Sensual Essential Oil Blends


      • CINNAMON
      • CLOVES
      • JASMINE
      • NEROLI
      • ROSE


3 Drops YLANG YLANG  –  2 Drops SANDLEWOOD  –  2 Drops ROSE or JASMINE Plus 25ml Carrier Oil Either COCONUT or ALMOND Oil.


3 Drops JUNIPER  – 1 Drop PEPPERMINT  –  1 Drop BASIL Plus 25ml Carrier Oil.


2 Drops GARANIUM  –  3 Drops LAVENDER  –  2 Drops MARJORAM Plus 25ml Carrier Oil.


2 Drops EUCALYPTUS  –  3 Drops ROSEMARY  –  2 Drops LAVENDER Plus 25ml Carrier Oil.

These are my own suggestions. Remember to check your skin for suitability for essential oils.

Any other ideas ? please comment and share with us all.

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