Will Massage Help Psoriasis

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What is Psoriasis ? 

Psoriasis is a skin rash with NO medical cure. The rash is silver in colour & looks like scales on the skin.

They nearly always become itchy, Dry & Painful. The usual places Psoriasis can be found are the Knees, Elbows, Scalp & Lower Back. But it can affect the full body.

Massage That will Help Psoriasis 

I did a lot of research several years ago for a friend. This is what I found out from Therapist and a lot of experts in this field.

The best massage for Psoriasis is Swedish Massage with it’s long strokes & kneading movements. But the therapist needs to be gentle over inflamed skin. The massage is meant to be relaxing. This will be good for stress relief . The next massage that will help is Deep Tissue massage but only when the areas are calm. It’s also been reported that even Reflexology helps Psoriasis.

When booking appointments inform the receptionist or therapist that you have Psoriasis. All the good one’s know it’s not contagious & will be willing to help. You can always take your own oils ? You know how your skin reacts to them. ( I have seen this done several times).

Best Essential Oils For Psoriasis 

I only put what in my own opinion are the top 3 Essential oils from all my research.


It contains  menthol  this will give the skin a cooling & soothing feeling & that will help stop the itching. Peppermint  will also hydrate the skin.


Yet again Lavender  appears on my list ! IT contains Anti-Inflammatory & Antiseptic property’s. These will soothe & reduce inflamed skin & if the skin is broken Lavender  also helps with infections.


Another containing high Anti-Inflammatory content. Frankincense  helps moisturize the skin, keeping it from drying out,  which will stop the itching. it will also help heal the skin.


I hope this information is helpful to you all.

If you have any other suggestion’s why not leave a comment ?

Thank you for reading my post.


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