Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

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What is Ylang Ylang Essential Oil ?

Ylang Ylang essential oil has a long history. It originated out of Southeast Asia, though it is popular now in other parts of the world. The oils are extracted from the ylang ylang flower, petals are typically picked early in the morning so the maximum amount of oil can be extracted.

Ylang Ylang has an intoxicating fragrance. It has a long history of being used because of it’s exotic scent. Indonesia, for example, use to spread the Ylang Ylang flowers on the marriage bed of a newlywed couple.

Health Benefits of Ylang Ylang

It is also known for treating medical conditions. It is used to relieve skin that is irritated by bites from insects. It is used a lot in skin ointment for skin diseases or skin irritations.

It also aids hair that needs restoration or re-growth. It can be beneficial for people who are trying to fight infections. It prevents the fever from coming on in the first place.

It mixes well with carrier oils & other essential oils. In particular it mixes well with rosewood, clove & lemon. Other oils are ginger, orange, eucalyptus, jasmine, sandalwood & rose.

It will also help with mind health, it can help towards joy, calm & enthusiasm. It promotes a healthy emotional state & encourages people to improve their self-confidence level.

Male- Female energies are aided by Ylang Ylang. When aromatherapy is used, it can increase ones thoughts & focus. Aromatherapy with Ylang Ylang promotes a peaceful feeling that can aid relaxation.

There are other health benefits when using Ylang Ylang essential oil. For example, it can help regulate the heartbeat. It can be used to help cardiac arrhythmia & cardiac problems. It can also aid people who are suffering from digestive problems, especially intestinal complaints. It is also believed to be an anti-parasitic & anti-inflammatory essential oil.


The aroma from Ylang Ylang is very strong & some may find it overpowering. I only use 2 drops at a time in my diffuser & that gives of enough aroma for me.

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